As I settled down to sleep last night, I felt the familiar presence of my Companion signaling he wanted to communicate a message to me.

I felt I should lay on my back and focus on my third eye, so I did. Immediately my third eye began to pull as the energy increased. Then, an image popped into my head of my aura as it pulsated around my physical body. It was a deep indigo color and I could see it fluidly moving all around me. I laughed out loud at the sight of it. “I’m Indigo!” I said to him mentally.

I continued to lay there, feeling my third eye pulling and sensing the movement of energy throughout and around my body. It was then that another image popped into my head. It was of a newly hatched baby chick. At the same time I heard my Companion say, “We are merged. We are One”.

As the messages settled in, I wondered why I was shown a newly hatched chick when before I had been given the analogy of a butterfly in a cocoon. Why would I be shown a chicken now?

This question was not answered but instead I heard, “We are One”.

I knew this to always have been the case, so was confused at first. Then I understood. Whatever process I had been going through previously had culminated in this….hatching.

“You are changed. You will see the world differently”.

I thought of the message I had received not long ago preparing me for some changes, especially to my perception and thoughts. I had noticed them – the dream-like feeling, the feeling of being naked, the random thoughts and strange fears rising up out of nowhere. Then I thought I needed to consider how it felt to be “newly born”. What was it like?

Everything is new and the senses are bombarded and feel raw initially. The bright light is blinding. The loud noises are unbearable. The cold is piercing. It takes time to adjust and to learn to walk on new feet.

Is this what would be happening to me? When?


I didn’t really believe the answer.


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