Strange Exposed Feeling Brings a Message

I’ve been meaning to mention a strange feeling I’ve been getting for some time now, but for some reason I keep forgetting. Today, though, it reappeared and I vowed to mention it before I once again forgot.

The feeling is a curious one and I think it goes hand in hand with the feeling of “living a dream” that I’ve been also having. For this entire week when I go out in public I feel naked and exposed. I freak out because I swear I forgot to put on clothing. I have to actually look down at my body to make sure I’m not naked!

The feeling of it is identical to similar dream experiences I’ve had. One minute I am fine and going about my day when suddenly I notice someone looking at me strangely or some other aspect of my surroundings stands out to me. Then, it is like time stands still and I suddenly feel naked. Right then and there I have to look down at my clothes or I focus on the feel of my clothes to make sure I am not naked.

It is so weird!!

Today, when it happened, it did not cause much concern – I am getting use to it. Yet later, when I was sitting in front of the T.V. the memory of it came back to me suddenly along with the notion that life IS a dream and this sudden exposed feeling is meant to remind me of that.

But why?

That is when the thought entered my mind both as a question and a statement – “I am resisting/Why are you resisting?”

I was thrown into present time instantly and a strange feeling accompanied it; the feeling of being in the presence of my Council. For some reason when communicating with them I feel like a little child who has done something wrong. I was overwhelmed with a sudden mild panic.

After a few deep breathes, I calmed down. “Resisting? Resisting what?”, I wondered to myself and to them at the same time.

I began to remember the times in my OBEs when I resisted. It always ended the same: me back in my body prematurely, having to start all over again. Only when I did not resist and followed where the experience led did my OBEs last and reveal whatever they were suppose to.

It appears I am being told to “go with the flow” and allow life to show me my path.

But it is so, so slow compared to an OBE.

And everything still feels really, really weird. It has been like this all week!


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