The Return of Desire

Did I mention that my desire has returned? It has. This is not just physical, sexual, passionate desire – this is the desire of the second chakra which includes so much more than sexual desire.

I didn’t really know for sure that it had returned. I had an inkling it had, especially since I started taking Maca root and had some pretty intense K rising sensations afterward. However, last night, as I was preparing for sleep, I had a vivid flash of my guide standing in front of me. He was radiant and just how he has been appearing lately when we meet up in dreamtime. He has dark, almost black hair, and piercing blue eyes. I don’t really pay attention to his physique or much other than his hair and eyes, but I know him when I see him. Interestingly, he is exactly how I wish I appeared in this life – I’ve always wanted dark hair and blue eyes.

What is different about seeing him this time is that I had an instant desire to be with him rise up from within. It hit me so fast that it surprised me and I laughed because I recall that I use to have that reaction every time I saw my guide. This was back when I first was learning about him and getting to know this part of me (2003-2006). Sadly, the reaction to seeing him caused his image to fade, but not without me recognizing that desire had returned to my life.

For me, this is a fantastic progression from a total lack of desire of anything in life!

To be honest, I thought I would never feel desire for anything ever again. Without it, I felt dead and I had gotten so use to the feeling that I forgot how it felt. The absolute joy at recognizing its return was terrific. I asked my guide if was going to see him in that way during my dreams. I knew instantly I wasn’t but got a good chuckle from him in response.

In response to this I hear/feel the message, “Welcome back!” Indeed!


2 thoughts on “The Return of Desire

  1. talynia says:

    Congratulations Dayna! This is a huge accomplishment! 🙂 BTW. may I ask you what is Maca root and what is it used for? Never heard this before. I may want to start using it as well! 🙂

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    • Dayna says:

      Maca root is from Peru and has many uses, but most commonly it’s used as an aphrodisiac. I chose it to help regulate hormones because it is said to balance hormones. It is also suppose to increase blood flow.

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