Zapped with the Dizzies

It happened again. I felt faint, dizzy and fought a full-on panic attack. All this while in a meeting at work! I immediately thought, “I should’ve eaten a snack before this meeting” and looked at the time. It was 10am and I was struggling to control a fast heart-beat by looking out the window at the approaching storm clouds.

Then, almost as quickly as it came on, the feeling faded and by 10:45 the feeling was almost completely gone. I had a snack and it helped me settle even more.

I suspected another geomagnetic K-index of 5 or 6 being that is what initiated the feelings before. I looked it up and sure enough at the time of my dizzy spell and near panic attack there was a K-index of 6.

It looks like this activity will  be going on through tomorrow and there is a watch for more activity later. This is going to be an intense week energy-wise.

K-index definition and explanation.


One thought on “Zapped with the Dizzies

  1. herongrace says:

    That’s interesting as I have noticed recently a connection between magnetic storms and rising levels of tension and anxiety. Also pressure build ups as in storms/ volcanoes can affect me.
    The body is certainly a sensitive barometer to geomagnetic changes in the atmosphere even if we don’t understand the information it is gathering at the time.

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