You May Now Exit the Roller Coaster

After this morning’s detached feeling, my day began to get frustrating. First, my car was dead when I tried to drive to the gym with my kids. They were all buckled in and then….click. Ominous silence. I am thinking, “Maybe I should just skip the gym today? I don’t really have to go there to do my workout…”.

So out we climbed, me irritated and my youngest unable to process that he was not going to go somewhere in the big car with mommy and his brother. He then followed me yell-crying – “Ouw-wow-wow-wow mahhh-wahhh” – while I called my husband to see if he would come give my car a jump.

My husband called the neighbor who came over with a battery charger in tow. It didn’t work too well. My car was totally dead.

Then we could not get the car into neutral so we could back it out of the garage and properly jump the battery. Apparently, Toyota makes their cars idiot-proof by making sure it won’t go into gear when the battery is dead. Thank goodness for Google which revealed there is a hidden box with a secret button that miraculously unlocks the shifter.

By now I am over an hour later than normal but I still head off to the gym. I had a momentary consideration that maybe I should just skip the gym today. This was the second time I had it. And the second time I disregarded it.

At the gym my littlest became a screaming mess and howled as I left him at the daycare while my older son happily went to play. The childcare worker assured me this was normal and he would calm down when I left. After my 5 minute warm-up the familiar face of the childcare worker popped in to tell me I had to get my child. “We have a policy on crying. We can’t hold them and we can only let them cry so much”.


By this time I was about ready to lose my cool. I got home and called my husband, thanking him for his help and then bursting into tears when I asked him if he could spare his lunch to watch the kids so I could get a little “me” time. He agreed. I’m not really sure why I cried.

I still felt oddly disconnected as I made lunch and cooled down. By the time my husband called to say he was on his way home I was 100% better and I recognized my failure to listen to the warnings which I had gotten all morning long before, during and now after the ordeal.

After my workout (yes – I finally got to go to the gym!) I got a surge of energy and stability. I finally felt reconnected to my body (a good workout will do that) and still do now.

What is funny is that this hiccup in my day and the high’s and low’s it created left me feeling similar to how one feels when they exit a roller coaster. What a wild ride! hehe

And all I keep thinking is, “This is a dream. This is a dream. This is a dream”.


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