Sensing Something…..Different

I just awoke and I feel discombobulated. It is almost as if every part of me has been pulled apart and then pieced back together and I awoke before the pieces had all been placed.

My sleep was fitful. First, I could not fall asleep and tossed and turned until just after midnight. Then, I kept waking up throughout the night from a feeling that I had a lot to do. The memories of the dreams are gone. All I recall now is that I was in the midst of scheduling and planning. Honestly, it feels like I was working all night long.

Usually after a night like last night I would awake upset, protesting coming back to this reality. This is not the case this morning. I feel fuzzy, as if I am drifting around above my body and a part of me is not fully connected. I’m not happy nor sad, just somewhere in between.

The only hint of memory I have of last night’s activities is a sense that soon I will be overwhelmed by life and all the things I have to get done. I feel like I need to scrutinize my daily and weekly schedule and toss out that which is not necessary. It is similar to a purging except this feels like a precursor to that. Maybe I was being warned?

Even stranger is that I recall odd and quite random thoughts popping into my head when I would wake briefly in the night. Some of these thoughts were about my daughter’s Ipod. I had loaned her my Shuffle and she lost it in the car. I thought of it and where it might be and there was anxiety related to it for some reason. Another thought was also about my daughter and her teeth. She lost a tooth early this year and the adult tooth is trying to come in but there is not enough space. The feeling with this was almost panic and trying to schedule her for an appointment. I actually heard my Companion intercede and remind me that it was not a big deal.

Now my thoughts are centering around whether to stay or leave my job. I decided I would stay until December and this felt fine to me. Yet, now that I am awake, I have the feeling that I should clear out my schedule and that my job may be the thing to clear out.

Above all else there is a sense that this disorganization and discombobulation is caused by the rewiring I was told is occurring. However, there is also a sense that what I am experiencing now is directly related to an energy or a source outside of Earth and directed at Earth from very, very far away. This energy, wave, or whatever it is, has been on a collision course with Earth for centuries and is just now within range that those of us sensitive to its wavelength are noticing. What this means for me, us, I am not quite sure. However, if what I am experiencing is any indicator, be ready to be knocked off your feet completely. If I am feeling this disconnected now, I can only image what this will do to me when this energy is at its full effect. I suspect I may go OOB spontaneously. Maybe that is why I need to clear my schedule? Hmmm.

Note: There have been very high levels of geomagnetic activity around Earth. Visit link.


2 thoughts on “Sensing Something…..Different

  1. truthcodex says:

    This coincides with my experiences the last few days as well. I’m very curious to see exactly what happens in the coming weeks. Mine and my fiance’s dream-states have been ‘prepping’ us for whatever it is.

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