Supermoon Energy: Dreams and a Familiar

My sleep last night was fitful and less than restful. It could be the result of an intense 1.25 hour workout with a physical trainer yesterday afternoon or it could be that the energies of last night’s supermoon were to blame. Regardless, I was waking frequently and feeling wide awake despite my physical body’s extreme fatigue.


I don’t recall my dreams in much detail and the one I do are strange and make little sense. In one my family bought a new house for $375,000. It was tall, wooden and built on stilts. Below it was a pond that stretched from one side to the other. The pond was probably the most vivid part of the dream. There were reeds along its banks and the water was dark as if it held many mysteries. I felt quite happy to see it and remember thinking, “I always wanted a house with a pond”.

There was another dream in which I was inside a place feeling as if I had just materialized there out of thin air. I felt disoriented at first as I took in my surroundings. There was a feeling of being at a gym, but it did not seem like one at all but more like a waiting area. I was introduced to a couple of women but one seemed like a man and I stared at her for a while trying to figure out if she was a man or a woman. I finally decided she was a man-woman.

Finally, I had another dream of water. In this one, it was raining quite hard and I was in a very nice house with tall glass windows that looked out upon a white patio that stretched for quite a distance. Three neighborhood boys knocked on the door asking to swim. They were holding books in their hands and I asked them if they had permission. They said yes, so I told them they could swim in the Jacuzzi. They went out in the rain to swim and later came back but had left their books. I went to retrieve them complaining of how they ruined them.

When I awoke I felt very disconcerted. It seemed something was very wrong and I felt the coyote I had seen the previous day was proof that I was being tricked. I thought the strange feeling that an energy shift was coming must have been a lie and coyote was there to laugh at me for believing it. I felt duped.

Visions and Messages

I managed to fall back into the in-between. While there, I often slipped into the dream state and then would come back to the in-between. I did this one and off for some time, the dreams often lost as soon as I became lucid.

In one of the in-between lucid moments I was shown a bedroom. It was very obviously a child’s bedroom; a little boy’s. When I saw it, I recognized it as mine and looked at how neat and tidy it was. I also noted that the items and furniture were very expensive and there was way more than any little boy could ever hope to have.

I remember as I recognized it as mine that I said, “That was 1966”. This brought me to full awareness as I tried to rationalize the year. When I awoke I did the math. The life-before-last I died in 1963. The life after that I was a boy and recalled dying in 1972 at around the age of 6 or 7. That would mean that if the room I saw from 1966 was mine, that it would have been mine when I was very, very young. I wondered briefly why I was being shown my old bedroom. Perhaps I was very rich in that life? I don’t remember.

I fell back into the in-between and was talking with someone during this time. I don’t now recall all of the conversation but as I began to awaken fully I heard someone tell me, “… have an honored familiar”. I instantly recognized the word familiar and wondered what it was was.

You Have a Familiar

Though I don’t remember everything that occurred during the in-between, I do remember that the conversation that started all the above came out of me telling my Higher Self that I did not want to stay in life and asking him why he insisted that I/we stay. He, of course, answered, “You have a lot of work to do”. I was/am tired of hearing this and asked, “Why does it matter what work I do? Is the human race so important? What difference does it make what I do while I am here?”

It is perhaps from this conversation that the messages came. Maybe I was given the message that I had a familiar so that I would know help is on its way. For what exactly, I am unsure. Whether I will meet this helper, I don’t know. I don’t even know if I believe in familiars.


4 thoughts on “Supermoon Energy: Dreams and a Familiar

  1. Zarah says:

    This video sheds some light on the current processes:

    You haven’t been duped, there’s a huge energy shift already under way. It’s the last bloodmoon-equinox gateway of a series of four that started at the vernal equinox 2014. It’s good to be prepared.

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  2. Gia says:

    “Why does it matter what work I do? Is the human race so important?…”
    Yep, that’s something I’ve been wondering too. Considering what’s all “out there”, humans seem pretty insignificant. Of course most of us don’t think so, but in the big picture it’s most probably true.
    I have a feeling that whatever we are working on is more aimed towards the future than perhaps humans living on Earth now. Future (kinds of) humans – if this “generation of humans” doesn’t make it. What kind of beings would they be?
    And then there is the possibility that we are also working towards what/who we’ll be once we are “on the other side”. We’ll have a completely different starting point than those who haven’t done this work here. Just a thought. What do you think?

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    • Dayna says:

      I think we are working towards expansion of ourselves as spiritual beings and these physical manifestations are just test runs to see how far we’ve come. We challenge ourselves to “build” ourselves.


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