Something’s Up

Perhaps it is the solar flare activity again or maybe there is another influx of ascension energy (or maybe the two are one in the same?), but I can sense a shift about to take place.

It is hard to put my finger on the exact feeling, so it is hard to describe how it feels. What I will say about the feeling is that it is similar to being put on alert when there is an approaching storm; like a tornado warning. It is not all doom and gloom but more like there is a possibility that something will affect me and my immediate surroundings.

I am, of course, taking it all in stride. There is no immediate threat to me, if threat is even the right word. Like in a tornado warning, I am not concerned. We get them (tornado warnings) all the time in Texas and very rarely does it result in anything other than a thunderstorm. Similarly, I have been through many, many energetic shifts on this path of ascension and so I am use to nothing much happening.

Last night was when the shift in energy became most noticeable. I was watching T.V. and my attention was drawn away from the screen to my Higher Self and that was when the alert feeling occurred. Later, I did 55 minutes of Hatha Yoga and felt my head begin to buzz with energy. This was soon followed by my third eye. The energy then snaked down to my throat area and settled about where my thyroid is located. I became so relaxed during this meditation break that when the woman’s voice returned my entire body twitched because I had forgotten I was doing a video.

When I settled down to sleep I again felt the alert feeling and thought perhaps I would have one of my interesting and somewhat intense nightly excursions OOB. But nothing of the sort happened. Instead, I slept very deeply and had many dreams, one in which I met up with my ex-husband and then watched as streamers of light shot off into the starry sky over an ocean of blue dotted with tropical islands.

When I awoke the song A Rush of Blood to the Head was going through my head as was the song, Come Home. The latter was just the part of the song that says, “So, come home” and the former the part, “And they call as they beckon you on, They said, Start as you mean to go on”.

The feeling is still here today. It is something I just can’t quite put my finger on. So I stay on alert to whatever is coming.


5 thoughts on “Something’s Up

  1. truthcodex says:

    Very synchronistic. I’ve also been feeling intense head-buzzing and ‘whirling’ sensations above my forehead the last couple nights. And, for some reason last night, I had an adrenaline rush with the feeling something very important is about to take place. Not years, not months, but weeks or even days away. Of course – I’ve felt that way to some degree since I ‘woke up’, but this is much more pronounced!

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    • Dayna says:

      It does feel like it is soon. There is no adrenaline rush for me. I use to get that feeling in the beginning but now, after so many similar feelings, I tend to just put it on a shelf in my mind and leave it there. I figure if my Team is going to interrupt my T.V. time to get a message through that it must be at least somewhat important. If they begin audibly yelling then I may get some of that adrenaline rush back. hehe

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  2. Gia says:

    Right on. Yes, the energies today, yesterday…maybe even the day before? have been, are “off” or more intense again. Since they keep shifting around so much it is hard to keep track and what’s “normal” anymore anyway?
    adrenaline rush may be a good comparison too. The ear rining isn’t quite ringing but whatever that sound feels like it has become more dense.
    Curious to see if this is another shift.

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  3. Dayna says:

    I know for certain there has been an increase in solar flare activity lately. Today there was a very big one, in fact. I have noticed that flare activity corresponds to much of the K energy I feel. Whether it is directly related, IDK, but it is interesting.


  4. talynia says:

    That is certainly interesting it seems we all feel the same thing! Since days now I had intense head pressure, even headache for the first time in my life… I felt pushing, pulling, whirlwind and tingling sensations around my head and forehead. As of 2 nights ago when I was lying on my back I realized that the natural Kundalini sound in my ears suddenly took on a very weird feeling. It felt like dense energy was vibrating with an electrical humming or rumbling inside the left ear. So strong though that my ear cracked and popped. Once so strong I could have recorded the crack! It’s like being in high altitude with a plane or so. As Gia said the ringing becomes more dense and during the day I have many times that one of the ears goes deaf and then a flute or clarinet comes through to this ear. I know something is happening and it could all very well be connected to CERN’s Large Haldron Collider or with Wave-x the huge transformative energy wave that is hitting out planet since August and the high peak is supposed to be September 28th… Which is my birthday. Talking about alertness for something to happen…

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