Vibrations and a Message

My days have been quite busy because I have decided (based upon a strong nudging) to focus on counseling while at work and to focus on family and my side-business when not at my job. I also felt inclined to visit my local Gold’s Gym and resume my strength training regime which I have slacked on since I became pregnant with my third child. Starting up the 4-day-a-week training schedule will take up much of my free time but allows me time to myself, away from the demands of my stay-at-home routine.

Despite this total submersion into physical reality, there has been a switch flipped it seems and my Companion is much closer and communicative. I barely notice the messages when I am busy but when I have down time the feelings, urges, and messages seem to burst through all at once as if they have been held back by a dam.

Last night the floodgates opened when I was watching T.V. We have Netflix and I, like many others, have found it very convenient to watch episode after episode without much break. Currently the show of choice is Hell On Wheels. I typically go into that wonderful T.V. amnesia period where the show takes me away from my present life and submerges me in a make-believe one. You all know what I am talking about. 🙂

So while in the midst of watching season 2, episode 4, I felt the distinct inner nudge that indicates my Companion wants my attention. When I focused upon it I instantly had a vision of doing yoga. Recognizing this, I sent back the thought, “Okay, after this episode”. Yet when the episode ended I started the next one. Funny enough, the episode wouldn’t play and so I gave up and went to my yoga site.

Vibrations and a Message

After doing a short Shakti yoga routine (intense!) I did some Hatha yoga to wind down. Then I went to bed.

I slept hard and had strange dreams of returning to a place I had not been to in a long time and watching a graduation ceremony of some sort where I congratulated on old friend on her accomplishment. I briefly recall it being Montana but then it did not resemble Montana much.

When I awoke it was suddenly to my body vibrating very intensely. These vibrations were not like those that I get upon exiting my body for an OBE. They were more like my entire physical body was shifting very rapidly and subtly. I have felt these kinds of all-over-body vibrations before, but it had been some time. I wanted to roll over and resume sleep but felt I should not. So I lingered on my back and let the vibrations continue, reviewing my dream messages because I felt I should know what had been discussed.

The vibrations slowed and then stopped and a message came through seeming to come from more than one source. The message was concerning me smoking my one cigarette at night before bed. They said, “You have to stop”. I asked why and was told, “It is interfering with the process” and I saw that the energy was being blocked. At this time my heart chakra began to light up with energy, as if to push the point home.

I asked if the process would continue if I didn’t heed the message and the answer I got was that it would continue but much more slowly. There was a sense of urgency with this response, as if the process needed to move faster, not slower.

I was then told, “You will be called”. I had heard this before and so shrugged it off thinking it just another cryptic message that made no sense to me. There was with it the strange feeling that comes with the other worldly communications I have gotten in the past, so perhaps this is why I shrugged it off – it is quite unreal to me. Yet the message was repeated as if it were very important. I still do not understand what is meant by it since “being called” can mean so many things.

I asked for help in stopping my one cigarette a day habit and then got out of bed. It’s my daughter’s first day of second grade so I could not linger and talk anymore.


2 thoughts on “Vibrations and a Message

  1. Gia says:

    Getting the message “you should do this XYZ…” and me thinking “yeah, I’ll do it…but just a bit later…” while playing on the internet/watching a show. Suddenly the internet connection fails or the computer gets stuck or whatever. We (my husband and I) have that happen to us a few times. Although he is much better in IMMEDIATELY following the requests. Guides are pretty good in manipulating electronics, it seems. If they want your attention, they can be pretty persistent and make sure they get it!

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  2. talynia says:

    Kundalini does interfere with electronics. I just realized it a day before for the first time. It was obvious that someone wanted me to stop using the computer downstairs… First the monitor blacked out on me… Then upstairs I destroyed my husbands lamp bulb in the bedroom, just by switching it on… then In went into the bathroom and one of the bulbs blow off… I was like O.O what the hell is going on here? then I remembered from all the journals that I read that Kundalini is a very strong electric energy force that can interfere with really everything in her environment. Kundalini awakened people also have a much larger and stronger heart field, which can interfere with all that touches it. Therefore Kundalini can repeat to invite people you live with to awaken themselves. It can make them aggressive if they are in resistance or it can do the opposite make you a magnet for everybody who wants to be close to you! Same goes for everything that is NOT good for you, she will tell you once or twice very nicely but if resistance is being giving instead of surrender, it can become very painful to outright getting sick! So messages should really not be ignored, once or twice maybe okay, but there will come a point were she will be more precise, believe me!

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