Symbol: Starbust Within a Circle

This morning as I awoke I received a vivid image of an air plane in mid-flight. It was perfectly white and flawless. Toward the front end of the plane was a symbol – a starburst etched in black surrounded by a red circle.

The image stayed for a while, until I saw the symbol, then it vanished.

Strangely, I thought of Japan and recalled briefly a dream of talk of traveling to Japan. I am not sure how Japan has anything to do with this, but I wanted to add the information just in case it meant something.

I researched the Japanese flag because in my study of history I vaguely recalled there was something similar to the symbol I saw on the flag. This is what I found. What I saw isn’t on this page but it is interesting to me that the imperial standard of the emperor of Japan is very similar.

However, when I saw the plane I felt the presence of a woman, the same woman who had been talking to me in my dreams last night. I believe she is the same one who spoke to me when I boarded the ship in the OBE I had the night before last. Her message to me when I saw the plane was, “We’re waiting for you”.

All I know for sure is the way the vision made me feel. I felt hopeful and a bit excited. This feeling has followed me through most of my day as has the impression of the starburst within a circle.


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