OBEs: Soothing Baby and Playing

After the K rising experience, which was at 1:30am, I fell back to sleep into a dream about trying to choose the right clothing for work. I kept finding clothes that belonged to my daughter and could not find what I was looking for. I finally put on an outfit that resembled the clothing of a hip-hop star (saggy jeans that hung past my bottom) and then took them off because I found my clothes out in plain sight. I kept thinking, “I have to get to work by 4” and going over my schedule in my head – “4-8pm”. I somehow knew this job was part-time and though I was being “paid” I didn’t care or keep track of the pay.

OBE: Soothing Baby

At some point the dream brought me to full lucidity and I was suddenly very aware of being in my body. I did not feel the vibrations but I felt the familiar odd sensations that I have been feeling with my OBEs lately. Somehow I knew I was not really “in” my body but just slightly askew from it.

It took me a while to get a grip on what was happening. I heard children screaming happily in the background and my youngest crying. I thought, “It isn’t real” as if to remind myself that these noises were normal prior to exit.

I was holding something small, round and metal in my hands and began to focus upon it for some reason. It felt like a small metal container and when I felt it I could “see” it in my mind. The more I felt it, the more solid the experience became. It was as if touching and focusing on it shifted me fully into the scene.

I sat up and got out of bed but the scene was dark. I could still hear my baby crying and instinctively went to him. I walked into the hallway and heard him crying as he ran, his footsteps echoing on the wood floor. I went toward him, blind, but could see him as he stopped in front of me, looked up and put up his arms for me to pick him up. I reached down and grabbed him and could feel his tiny, chubby arms wrap around me in a hug. The feeling was so real and familiar that I closed my eyes and reveled in it. This brought me back to my body.

OBE: Playing

Again I was superimposed over my physical body and feeling very much aware of everything. I could hear the children laughing and remembered my daughter was having a sleepover with her friend. Was that them laughing? I looked through my mind’s eye into a scene that was forming. I could make out a dresser and the wall of an unfamiliar bedroom. It lightened and darkened and I mentally said, “Clarity now” but briefly worried saying it would bring me back to my body. But it didn’t. Instead I rolled out of my body and the bed and again headed toward the hallway.

In the hallway I saw the shadow of my toddler son with his back to me. He was listening to the laughter, too. I still could not see him but he knew I was there and turned around and held up his arms to me. I picked him up and headed toward the laughter.

At the railing I looked over and my vision cleared. There at the bottom was my daughter and her friend. Then my vision turned off again. I decided to throw my baby over the railings. A part of me worried about this while another part knew it was okay. I yelled down to the girls, “Catch him!” My daughter’s friend looked up too late and my baby hit the floor.

I jumped over the railing and floated down asking, “Is he alright?” They looked at him and I saw he was fine. He had bounced when he hit the floor.

Laughing with relief I grabbed my son and then jumped into the air where I then hovered. I told the girls, “Come on! Fly with me!” We began jumping and hovering in the air as if we were on a trampoline in slow motion. The girls laughter was very loud and shrill at this time and I was laughing, too.

That is when my vision turned on all at once and I saw that the room was not from our home. It was massive with ceilings that were three times the height of ours with large beams. The room spread out around us in all directions. I was in awe and wondered where we were. It was slightly familiar but I could not place it. The last thing I remember is the golden hue of the place and the warmth I felt being there.


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