Dream: Crumbling Church

For the third time in a week I woke up crying.

Dream: Crumbling Church

Most of the dream occurred in a huge church with ceilings that towered high overhead. I was with my family at some kind of reunion but it was not the normal reunion. I was with family that spanned generations and I don’t know if we were related by blood, though I knew many of them as my family members from this lifetime.

Everyone was gathering in the center and preparing for a show. Different groups were singing together and my mom was directing. I was eager to perform with my family but as our group stepped forward she told me and my older sister we could not be in the group because our hair wasn’t blonde anymore. This hurt my feelings substantially. I heard someone say to me, “I wish she would look at me like she does you”. I thought this odd since she was denying me my part, yet I somehow understood that many looked up to her as I looked up to her. All I wanted was for her to acknowledge me.

I watched my family perform one after the other, mostly singing hymnals. I saw members of the church we use to attend when I was a child along with members of my family who had long been dead. I listened as they sang and felt sad that I was not a part of it.

Finally, my immediate family group went up and I somehow got to go. I kept quiet, though, because my mom was irritated at me. My sister was suppose to sing but forgot the words. I remembered them and sometimes sang them to remind her. What is odd is that the songs were no hymnals but songs from the present day radio. I was proud that I remembered the words.

When we finished I helped a little girl who was lost and crying in the church. I contacted her mom and then saw another girl who was lost and helped her. Someone, a man, asked me why I was doing it and I remember saying, “She needed my help”. I felt very proud to have helped her.

I then looked up and saw that the a/c vents high up in the church were falling apart. They had large pieces of wood nailed to them and looked in need of repair. I somehow new a new church was being built because the current one had been neglected to the point that it made no sense to repair it. I thought of it crumbled down to dust and it made me sad. I was still standing beside the little girl I helped when the tears came.

Interpretation and Message

I awoke in tears with the song Pompeii by Bastille was going through my head but only the words, “And the walls kept tumbling down”. I could feel my third chakra pulling and my heart buzzing slightly. I knew there was a message and was able to perceive my guide’s message which was not much more than a whisper.

“Your are restructuring. You will be okay”. With that another song popped into my head, one that I awoke with yesterday morning, Safe and Sound.

With two songs and the message from my guide, I understood. The world as I have always known it is crumbling down all around me as the illusions are burned away. I am fearful of what, if anything, will remain, yet I am unable to stop the process. Bit by bit pieces of who I thought I was are disintegrating.

In this particular dream I saw firsthand just how much I looked to my mother for her approval. I recognized this to be true for all children as they grew up and that the process I am going through now is similar to the process of a child growing up. When they leave home and go out on their own they have to start making their own decisions. Their world often crumbles down around them as they try and figure out what parts of them are real and what parts of them are their parents’. Slowly they begin to take off the parts that are not true to them. Like clothing it is stripped away.

As more and more of this illusion is stripped away the more naked I will become. The walls will crumble down and leave only the real me. I wonder what she will be like?


One thought on “Dream: Crumbling Church

  1. herongrace says:

    That’s a wonderful symbolic description of the growth you are experiencing.

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