Dream: Talking Fish

My sleep continues to be deep with dreams throughout. I lose most of the dreams upon waking, even if I spend a moment going over the details before returning to sleep. When I wake I feel heavy with sleep and it is difficult to push myself out of bed in the morning. Part of me loves it but another part misses my lucid dreams and astral travels.

Dream: Talking Fish

I only now recall one dream from last night and it was likely because it was so odd. In the dream I was wading in a crystal clear pond. In the middle was some kind of statue but I don’t recall it now. There was an Asian feel to the scene and though I could see well everything was in silver grays and varying hues of white and light blue.

I was fishing with my hands alongside others, how many I don’t know. I could see large, silvery-white fish through the water and was talking with someone about catching one for dinner. I reached into the water for one and, to my surprise, caught it. I exclaimed, “I caught one!” and held it up to look at it. It was large and reminded me of an Angel fish. It squirmed in my hands and I clenched at it as it flung itself up and over the white wall that contained the pond I was standing in. I looked at my hands and part of the fish’s body and fin was still in my hand. Worried, I walked over to the wall and looked over just in time to see the fish fall into the ocean. I said, “It will die now” because it had lost part of it’s body. Also, I thought it was not a salt water fish, but something told me the water was the same as the pond he came from.

I turned to look for another fish and the fish that had gone over the wall flopped up and back into my hands. Holding it, I looked at it and it looked at me, its eyes resembling that of a human. Then it began to talk to me, asking me questions. I don’t remember them all now, but I do recall it asking me, “What are you going to do with me?”

Hearing the fish talk must have triggered something in my conscious mind because it pulled me out of the dream and to instant wakefulness.


I suspect this dream arose from my concerns prior to sleep but could potentially be a mixture of things. I had been thinking of business matters prior to bed and when I woke each time last night, that was what was on my mind. However, fish represent the subconscious mind in dreams. A white fish, as this one mostly was, indicates one’s spiritual beliefs. Fishing in a dream means to bring repressed emotions to the surface. To me, it appears that I am feeling unable to keep a hold of something from my subconscious mind, I keep losing it, yet at the same time I am looking (fishing) for it. The fact that the fish comes back and asks me the questions indicates that I may not know how to handle what is coming out of my subconscious at this time.


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