NASA Has Been Reached

I was planning to take Benadryl last night to help me feel rested but instead felt I should not take my normal B-Complex prior to bed. It worked like a charm! I feel rested and pleasant this morning and I only woke up twice in the night. I am guessing the B-Complex was making my brain too active.

Dream: Whirlpools

I discovered my husband had begun dating a friend of ours after we had a fight. I protested and told him that I had not meant that we should quit our marriage. He decided to return to keep working on fixing our marriage and I was happy with this.

We ended up at a gathering of our church friends. They were all standing in line for some reason and I had a talk with a coworker there who was leaving her job to go to Bigfoot (city name). I told her to take a long vacation and she said she couldn’t because she had a child with special needs. I wondered where Bigfoot was. I’d never heard of such a city. I was pulled South in my mind but doubted it. Turns out it is in Texas!

I wandered into another area where there was a large pool. A friend was in the water with her newborn baby (she is currently pregnant and due in September). She saw me and handed the baby to me, “Here, hold him”, she said. I didn’t want to, though.

I ended up in the pool and the dream shifted dramatically. The pool was very shallow and the bottom was a 3D version of the earth. It covered the entire pool and the vivid greens of the continents moved as the earth rotated. I saw small whirlpools all over the place and happily played in them, the water coming up only to my hips. The whirlpools were all very small and would form and then disappear only to form somewhere else.

I then got pulled toward a very large whirlpool. I heard someone informing me of such occurrences when this happened. I was pulled down quickly. I briefly thought I would go completely under but never did. Instead, I was propelled across the world to another large whirlpool which then flung me again to another and then another. It went so fast I could not see and felt disoriented.

I was then given a survey of what I had experienced. I was not alone, my husband was with me and our responses were being compared. His experiences sometimes matched mine and other times did not.

Whoever was instructing me stopped the process and all was still. I again saw the realistic earth and the swirling whirlpools that covered its surface. It no longer appeared to be water but more like a fluid substance resembling water in which energy currents flowed. I understood the whirlpools to be vortexes. I was reminded of the grid system of energy that covers the earth and knew it had been disrupted. These vortexes were the result of the shift. I was also reminded of the sun and her solar flares. The two were related.

NASA Has Been Reached

I awoke from this realization hearing, “NASA has been reached”. My crown was buzzing and I felt strangely peaceful. There were messages coming in quite quickly but I only remember some of it. I was told my emotional up’s and down’s were a direct result of the vortexes of energy I had just learned about. I was also told, “Your mind is restructuring”.

I wanted to know more about the vortexes. What were they? What caused them? Why were they affecting me when in the past they seemed not to?

The only answer I am now able to remember is that the recent solar flare/sunspot activity has something to do with the amount and intensity of the vortexes, as does the shifting of the poles. The reason I had not been so affected by them in the past was because I was not undergoing the total restructuring process that I am now. The combination of the two creates breaks in the circuitry of the brain at higher rates than would normally occur.

I wondered about the message, “NASA has been reached”. I briefly wondered if I misunderstood. Maybe it was, “NASA has been breached?” I felt it was not correct, though. It makes no sense to me why I received this message. What does NASA have to do with the energy vortexes I saw? Did the solar flares reach the space station? I could not find any evidence of it except an article about the space station losing power on Tuesday.

I was also told, “You are not alone” and understood this to mean in my experiences of late. These same circumstances are also wreaking havoc on others going through the restructuring process.


2 thoughts on “NASA Has Been Reached

  1. truthcodex says:

    Thank you for this – I’ve been feeling random bouts of anger [lasting for several seconds to several minutes at a time] over the last couple days as well as an underlying agitation with regards to survival-based mechanisms like money and work. It’s difficult to discern why these emotional fluctuations are occurring in this new way, but your post gives added perspective. My fiance has felt it as well and was just talking to me about it.

    Liked by 1 person

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