Re-Writing the Self

My personal period of rest and rejuvenation continues. I am told this is widespread, that I am not alone in this.

There has been a slight increase, however, in communication from my Team and the night before last I actually did have a brief moment of contact with my Council. Unfortunately, the excessive exhaustion I am experiencing makes the memory of such events a blur and increases my disinterest significantly. All I want to do is fall back into the wonderful drowsy feeling of deep, uninterrupted sleep.

Messages Received

The messages I have received through these brief communications are short and to the point.

Message from Council, August 6, 2:30am.

“We are here. We will bring you Home soon”.

“When?”, I asked but got no response. I felt, though, the presence of 12 in Spirit around me, which I have not felt in some time.

Message from Companion, August 4, around 10pm

I suddenly felt a calm descend upon me, indicating my Companion was near. I was instructed to focus on my heart and the feeling intensified.

I was told, “You can receive at any time”. With this came a knowing that I could open up and “download” information from my Council whenever I chose. This was an ability I had not been using, thinking it was done to me rather than me initiating it at will.

I had been feeling as if I were about to “die” all day and this thought returned. With it was a knowing that I would be shifting out of the pilot’s seat again.

I asked, “Will it be the same?”

I heard, “No”.

I briefly had a mental picture of a bowl and spoon with the action of folding in ingredients slowly and recognized this to mean this shift was part of that process.

Then next day I experienced being gently pushed back as my Higher Self resumed control briefly. It was indeed a different experience.

Message from Council this morning

“You are re-writing the Self”.

I have since had a strong desire to rid myself of “baggage” I have been carrying around. This baggage is more figurative such as disconnecting from people from my past who I no longer feel a connection. It comes with a re-evaluation of who I am. I am asking questions again such as, “Does this align with my purpose?” and “Does this feel right for me?”

Sudden Knowing

I have been feeling that I will be “directed” toward my purpose or “work” in this life. I keep seeing myself as working to help people move from the “dark” to the “light”. The “dark” being they are sleep-walking through life. The “light” being they wake up and recognize they have been asleep. I do not force my help and many times it will completely go unnoticed.

This type of work is not only my purpose in this life but in future lives as well.

To clarify – being directed is not being told what to do but rather being led by feeling or synchronicity. I sense that this will involve a feeling of moving aside to allow my Higher aspect in.


6 thoughts on “Re-Writing the Self

  1. silentwindofchange says:

    You keep waiting to do your work, but you are just not aware that you are already doing it by publishing these posts. Peace, Love, Joy, Gratitude and Abundance Dayna 🙂

    Thank you for doing your part.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Gia says:

    Oh…and here we go: there are some that actually read your blog :-)…. you never know who is to stop by in the future. A friend of mine once was guided to write a book. Her Guidance shared that this book was intended for 5-6 people to read. I thought: wow, a lot of work and it is aimed “only” at those 5 or 6!
    You never know whom you’ve already reached and who, in the future will stop by (like me) and say: WOW that’s a wonderful site and here is someone who has such similar experiences to mine, it is simply amazing! Silentwindofchange is right: you are already doing your work. You are evolving in your Consciousness – first of all that’s for you….and who knows whom else you will reach in the future.
    Just BE who you are – and share and it will do its magic on its own

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