Dream: Tending to the Horse

This morning I had a semi-lucid dream in which I was conversing with my Companion as I watched scenes unfold in front of me. It was quite long and drawn out, so I will focus mainly on the part that is most memorable.

Dream: Misfire

I had awakened early in the morning and asked to astral project. I rolled over and fell asleep not long after.

The first thing I recall is hearing very audibly a very deep voice. I acknowledged the voice immediately as that of my Companion. I don’t now remember what he said. Instead, I remember more the tone and quality of the voice. It was deep and sounded distorted, like someone talking through a voice distorter or changer.

I watched a scene unfold in front of me. Me and my brother were in the scene but this was us from another life. I was older and he was younger. In the scene we were upset because two dogs had been shot. One died and the other, my Trooper, had been wounded. I was visibly upset because I would have to put down my dog as his injuries were life threatening and he was already very old.

I saw how it happened. We had been playing with a loaded pistol and somehow, in our rough housing, the pistol had misfired and gone through the side of my dog and into the face of the other dog.

For a moment I was overcome with grief at the loss of my dog but then I recognized something – he had not died from a gunshot wound. The grief threatened still and I heard the voice of my Companion reminded me that I had moved past that. The grief vanished then and I became more lucid, recognizing it had all been a dream.

Dream: Tending to the Horse

Then I was standing in my Mom’s backyard looking at a large, brown horse. I somehow knew he was old. I had in my hand one of those large brushes to brush horses and knew that I was suppose to tend to the horse. I walked up to him and began to brush him. What is odd is that he spoke to me the entire time.

At one point he rolled over on his belly and thrashed about. He invited me to brush his underside and was very happy and content to be tended to. It was odd because the voice of my Companion came out of this horse and I felt very reluctant to participate in the obvious teaching scenario he had created for me.

I asked him why he wanted me to brush him. He said “Everyone else is too rough. They do it the right way”. I saw in my mind a woman brushing a horse and pushing very hard as they did. It did indeed seem rough and very business-like. Yet I knew this was the “right way” as I had seen it done in my current life.

I continued to brush him in my own way, which was more like a light massage or petting. I remember discussing with him my desire to hear him in my mind like I was hearing him now. “Why can’t I hear you this way in my waking life?”, I asked. There was/still is such a deep longing to hear him this way outside the dream and in-between states.

By this time I was fully lucid and had entered the in-between state. The horse was gone and all that remained was the strong connection between my Companion and myself. I knew his reply to my question before I heard his response.

“You can hear me just fine”, he said. I knew he was right. I do hear him, but not like in my dreams.

I asked him if I would ever get to experience hearing him that way consistently while awake. I did not get an answer as to yes or no, just a feeling that it was possible. But there was a huge “but” attached.

As I came out of the in-between I heard him say, “Live life”.

I knew again the message: Stop wishing for this or that and just live your life. Focus on living.

Understandably, I was in a sour mood when I got out of bed.


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