What was That?

Sleep deprived me went to work today. Perhaps that is why I had the experience I had?

What was That?

Today I had to report for the typical back to work gathering to welcome new staff and learn about the coming year. I was in a good mood and not thinking about anything in particular when my boss called on me to introduce myself. As this was sudden and unexpected, I looked at him like, “What?” He just smiled and waved me on.

The minute I stood up this energy came seemingly down from above and from the left at the same time. It was like I was shrouded in it. I felt suddenly very much like I was dreaming, as if I had been pushed back from the scene. The faces of the people looking back at me, the tables and windows, the sun shining into the room – it all seemed very shifty. It was literally like whenever this energy settled upon me that the room and its contents shifted upward and away from me, or I shifted upward and away from them.

At the same time this happened I felt very calm and composed. There was not one ounce of anxiety or nervousness. When I spoke my voice sounded hollow, like I was talking through a paper tube.

I continued to speak, saying who I was and what I did. When I finished I could feel my face flushing as I sat down. This was the only sign of nervousness I had.

I immediately felt I had messed up, yet I knew it didn’t matter. All of it felt very unreal.

Hours later I am still wondering what happened.

Was this my Higher Self descending down and somehow taking over?

Or was this the “walk-in” soul taking charge like I was told he would?

Was the original soul displaced when this walk-in came in suddenly? Is that why everything seemed so dreamlike and shifty? Did I get pushed aside? Did I become the observer rather than the performer?

Will this happen again??

Since then I have felt normal. Things feel real enough. The only thing I notice is that my head is buzzing at the back and sides again.


4 thoughts on “What was That?

  1. talynia says:

    wow what an experience. I have to say that so far so good Kundalini did not give me any experiences while in public. It mostly happens alone at home or in the night. But during the day when I am with people I usually feel ‘normal’ What you experienced could also be an exteriorizing experience in waking time. Or you were shortly pushed out of body while the energy hit your body-system. It could be that you feel a lot of the incoming wave-x energy that is expected through August and has it’s highest point around September 28th. Which is my birthday, oh happy day 🙂

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  2. silentwindofchange says:

    My feeling is this is the answer.

    “Was this my Higher Self descending down and taking over?”

    It helped you through a nervous situation. In time it will happen more smoothly and un-noticed by you. It will just be who you are.

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