Dream: In 500 Years

I slept fitfully last night. I believe I was conversing with someone most of the night. Unfortunately, I don’t remember who or what was said. Every time I woke up it was 1.5 hours since I had previously woken. I didn’t feel rested upon finally waking up at 6:30.

Dream: In 500 Years

I had a lot of dreams in between the conversations but the one that stands out to me is about the future.

I was discussing my upset about how disconnected people have become from one another because of social media and the internet. It seemed that it would ruin humanity to me. This is when the person I was talking to interjected and said, “There will one day be a method of tracking people by sound”. I then saw the apparatus used to track people. It was a large, silver machine with metal tubing. Somehow it was explained to me that this machine could track and identify every person on Earth by their unique sound.

I found this interesting but wondered when such technology would exist. I heard back, “In 500 years”. I said, “Why would I care about that, then? I will be long dead by then”.

Then I wondered, “What if a person never speaks?” This is when it was explained that the machine could also detect a person based upon their smell. This seemed even more strange to me and I briefly wondered if maybe it wasn’t a “machine” at all but telepathy.

The dream then morphed into this action-adventure type movie scene. Two nuns came in and absconded with the machine, hiding it inside a black burlap sack. I chased after them but they escaped into a Catholic cathedral.

Inside, I saw them opening up two coffins. They were standing upright, side by side. The machine had turned into two people, a man and a woman, who were prisoners. They were being placed in the coffins and told how to use the censors inside to survive. I saw the woman playing with six tiny silver balls located at the top of the coffin.

I remember thinking the dream odd but there was a message that the previous machine, the one that could track people, was of high interest to organized religions such as Catholicism. They saw it as a threat to their survival. It was important that they suppress such change in order to maintain their power.

This part of the dream woke me up and the message remained. I understood the symbolism of the dream and the warning it held.


I am not trying to attack the Catholic religion, so please don’t think that. But the message was clear that organized religion is part of why humanity is asleep. I did not question the message, for I have always distrusted religious groups, but there was further message that the powers that be are people we would otherwise not suspect of such a ruse. What I am told is that they do know what they are doing and are doing it purposefully.

No wonder I had trouble sleeping last night!


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