Update on Me

I have come to the computer several times today intent on writing a blog post. Unfortunately, I forget every time what I am going to write about. This time is the same. I am totally blank. Yet prior to sitting down I had a long list of cool things to write about. Big sigh.

So instead I will just put down what is on my mind.



I have been vegetarian for almost a week now. It has been a simple switch. I was vegetarian before I married my husband.

So far the only thing I notice is that I am eating so very little compared to what I was eating. Little in terms of calories and in terms of amount.

I’m just not as hungry.

I doubt that the lack of hunger is directly related to my change in diet. I like carbs and I like veggies.

I suspect it is linked to something spiritual but what specifically, I don’t know.

At the same time I feel bloated and fat. It is obvious my system is getting a good cleaning.

Just an FYI – my daughter decided to be vegetarian with me. She said, “I’m going to be vegetarian, too”. I asked, “Why?” She said, “Because you are”. Such a sweetie.

But since I do almost all the cooking, everyone in my household is eating what I eat, vegetarian or not. 🙂

Business Venture

After I lost everything on my computer things have slowed down substantially. The logo is still in the works but the actual product part has come to a standstill. I suspect this is timing-related and am not worrying too much about it since I started back to work yesterday and have been busy with that.

I will update when things begin moving again.

Strange Energy Fluctuations

Yesterday was an unbelievably odd day. Not only did I start back to work, but I had some strange energy shifts going on. These shifts resulted in me feeling like I was dreaming as I was driving home. Later, they continued and I kept feeling that I was about to “die”.

Since this is not the first time I have felt a sense of nearing my own death, I took it in stride and just allowed myself to feel the feeling. The dream-like atmosphere continued to follow me during this. It was as if I had shifted into the in-between while wide-awake.

Oddly, there was no communication from my guides. Zilch. Nada. None.

Walk-in Considerations Returned

Both last night and again today the term walk-in has come back into my mind. Last night I just quickly let it go. However, today when I thought about it, the memory of the time in my life when I had my spiritual awakening came back. Specifically the time when I argued with my guide that first time we spoke. We argued about my name. He insisted I was Dayna and I insisted I was not.

With the memory suddenly came the thought, “The other me (the walk-out) never completely left.”

With that thought came a swirling energy that seemed to flow in from my left. I say swirling because it felt light and ticklish and it settled down over my second chakra. The feeling was of pure love and acceptance, as if something beautiful was inside of me trying to get out.

I asked for it to stay, but it left quickly. So beautiful yet so fleeting.


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