Birthday Lucid to OBE: Creating a UniPeg

This morning I awoke at 6:30am a very grumpy birthday girl. I am just not into my own birthday anymore, not now that the added year is not wanted. I had a string of very vivid dreams I won’t go into now but this wasn’t enough. I wanted a birthday present, something that would make me feel less despondent towards the coming of yet another year in this life.

Lucid Dream: 70-Year-Old Man

I began to gain lucidity towards the end of a long dream as I was sitting at a table with an older gentleman. He was very gray and seemed fragile in his old age. His hand shook as he tried to sip his coffee, black and steaming in a vividly white mug.

We were discussing our sleep patterns and he told me, “I sleep well except that I wake up at least 7 times a night. My dreams are very odd but I guess that is just part of getting old”.

The fact that he woke up so many times caught my attention and I told him to tell me more. This is where my lucidity grew stronger and the scene shifted before I had a chance to hear about his dreams.

Lucid to OBE: Creating a UniPeg

Nearly fully lucid now, I found myself standing on the edge of a cliff overlooking vast amounts of sky dotted with puffy white clouds that seemed to go on forever. I was watching as some children tried to cross the sky by hanging onto a rope that was not attached to anything.

A section of this dream is lost to me but the next thing I remember is helping the kids grab onto the rope. I watched as they swung precariously as the rope began to move across the sky. For some reason I grabbed on and found myself flying along with them. But I was not holding onto the rope like they were. I was just floating.

I then recall deciding I wanted to ride on the back on a UniPeg (unicorn-Pegasus combination). In front of me appeared a beautiful brown unicorn that sprouted wings and began to soar up into the perfect sky. I remember that at first he was white but the color shifted to brown almost immediately. I didn’t care, though, he was beautiful.

I knew I had created him and soon took control of the dream and launched myself up and into the air behind the UniPeg. I was in the process of creating one of these majestic creatures under me so I could ride him when I felt the scene shift and the familiar energy of settling into my body.

OBE: Hit in the Face

Feeling the energy was right, I again left my body but the scene of the beautiful sky and UniPeg was gone. In fact, it was completely dark. I thought about opening my astral eyes but thought if I did I would wake up. It did not even occur to me to try other techniques to bring on clarity. I felt completely hopeless of gaining my vision.

I did, however, think that if I could find a way out of the room I was in that I could be “free”. I knew I was in my bedroom so walked toward where a window should be. I had absolutely no mental sight. It was literally pitch black darkness.

I went to where the window was suppose to be, intent on opening it, when suddenly I ran smack into something, a wall I think. It hit me right in the face and with such force that it stopped me in my tracks.

Shocked and surprised, I lost the scene completely and came back to my body. When I was re-entering I heard my guide say, “Did you feel it?”

Yeah, I felt it. It almost hurt, except it didn’t. When I opened my eyes I kept waiting for the pain to come the impact was so intense and solid.


4 thoughts on “Birthday Lucid to OBE: Creating a UniPeg

  1. Tory Bowen says:

    Hi Dayna,

    I read your posts every day and appreciate them. Today is also my birthday and it’s also challenging for me to stay here in this body. Head sinus pressure is bad, heavy smoke outside (southern Oregon) so I feel like a prisoner in my body and home. My dreams (sleep) are the only relief. WTF !

    Thanks for being and sharing, Tory

    Liked by 1 person

    • daynaspirit says:

      Hi Tory,

      Happy birthday!! Thank you so much for letting me know that you share this journey with me. On a birthday that has not been the best, your comment made me smile. It is good to know someone is out there listening and understanding.



  2. Gia says:

    It may be a little late: but I just came across your blog and saw it is your birthday today: so HAPPY B-Day, blessings and may all good things come to you….
    Who knows, maybe the day got better for you by now? If not, shifting perceptions is what I try to do these days. And it works – for the most part. If not, there is always icecream or a good movie 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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