Intention Works: 3 OBEs

Last night my daughter came to me asking questions. She had seen a Micky Mouse cartoon in which Mickey had gone to sleep and his astral body had gone out and done all kinds of things. She asked me, “Was that his ghost?” I told her, “Something like that. It is his other body, the one that comes out when he sleeps”.

The conversation continued. My daughter was fascinated and wanted to know more. She was like a little sponge and her eyes were so bright I thought she might come out of her body right then and there!

“So it’s real? I can do that? Anyone can do that?”, she asked me.

“Yes. It is real. Anyone can do it,” I replied.

“How?”, she asked.

So I told her how – to go to sleep reminding herself to wake herself up from within her dreams; to look for things in her dreams that made no sense. I told her as much as I could in child’s terms. She soaked it up and seemed to understand. But she had an issue really understanding that she is not her body. She kept asking, “When I open my eyes, will my brain know I am awake?” I kept having to say, “You don’t have eyes or a brain. You are energy”. This, I think, is a bit too much for her little mind but she is trying.

We made a plan: If she woke up in her dream, she would come find me and wake me up. If I woke up, I would come find her.

She went to bed jumping up and down saying, “I can’t believe it’s real!”

Lucid Dream: Graduating at 40

I woke at 6am without any OBEs or encounters with my daughter. I said to my guide, “Please can I get something for encouragement??”

I fell asleep and into a dream where I was at a school cafeteria table eating what appeared to be a mass of ground beef. My fellow students were eating but I was not. It was ground beef. I am not eating meat right now. When I looked at them they appeared zombie-like. What was wrong with them?

I started to become lucid and wandered about the school and into the front office. It was dark in there and I was looking for my student records. I knew if they found out my age they would not let me graduate. I knew this was my senior year. Only one more year until graduation. I had to get those records.

My lucidity continued to increase. Something was not right. I am not in high school. I am too old! I imagined getting on the school bus and all the kids staring at me. I could not pretend I was a teenager. No way, I am too old now.

Someone walked into the office and turned on the lights but they did not turn on. I tried to see her face, but couldn’t. I slipped past her and out the door.

Flying now, I knew I was dreaming but was not 100% lucid yet. I went into a side room and began looking at toys that were a part of a school store. I thought of my daughter. She would like these.

I felt my body then and knew I had been OOB.

OBE: Wake up!

In an instant I was transported to my mother’s house. I saw her inside with my two oldest. Instantly recalling my conversation with my daughter, I flew over to her and shook her vigorously.

“Adrian! You are asleep. Wake up!

She turned to me and said, “I’m not asleep, mommy”.

I took her by the hand and said, “You’re asleep. You need to wake up”. Then I said, “Fly with me!”

I began to show her how to fly, telling her to jump up while she was running at full speed. I could not get off the ground at first, too distracted by my daughter, but eventually I did. When I was in the air my daughter was behind me. I had pulled her up with me.

I heard my son at that point saying, “I want to go!” He was crying.

I said encouragingly, “Come fly with us!”

OBE: Flying Lessons

My vision blacked out and I came back to my body for a moment. I saw a picture forming in front of me, all golden colored. I instantly recognized the exit opportunity and took it, but did not go into the picture. Instead, I went back to the previous scene.

I was back in the drive at my mother’s house with my children. I leaped into the air and yelled at both my children to follow. They flew up, the youngest lagging behind.

We went up into the branches of a tree. I told them, “Grab onto the branches. The sky likes to pull you up really fast”. I could feel my astral body being pulled upward as I said this. In front of me the white, leafless branches were vivid.

Somehow I lost my grip on the branches and began to be pulled up quickly. My vision blacked out and I felt my body as soon as this happened.

OBE: Missed Opportunity

Back in my body, or so I thought, I began to wonder why I couldn’t see. It barely registered to me that I was OOB at this time. I felt unsure. I had just been flying and now I had suddenly stopped. Surely I had been pulled back into my body? Right?

I opened my astral eyes and saw what I thought was my bed blanket. It was vividly bright and crisp.

With no vibrations or any indication that I as OOB, I accepted defeat and the fact that I was in actuality opening my physical eyes.

To my dismay, I realized I was wrong the minute I felt the familiar energy of reentry. I had been OOB after all, and likely in a completely different place. The pull up and the blackout had taken me somewhere else. The blankets I saw were not mine. They didn’t even match!

Check In

When I got out of bed my daughter was still asleep. She woke not long after and I asked her if she remembered. She didn’t. She had trouble falling asleep – too excited. But she said she remembered being at her Nana’s house. Then she cried because she missed out on it. I had to explain that it took a long time to master OOB travel and to just enjoy her sleep and dreams. She was happy with this and we talked about my OBE.

It is so exciting to have a member of my family interested and trying to OBE. She is so very young, though. I do not want her to be discouraged too soon. Is it even realistic for her to go OOB? I don’t know. My first experiences were in my 20s.


2 thoughts on “Intention Works: 3 OBEs

  1. truthcodex says:

    This is awesome! I say keep at it as long as she stays interested. These experiences may help her acclimate to this shift in ways we don’t yet understand. She may grow up consciously knowing OBEs are a natural thing and be able to show others, as you are showing her. I’m excited for you both!

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