Crayfish Totem

I was reminded yesterday morning of a recent outing with my children. I had taught them how to catch minnows in the creek with a net. In the process of doing this, I saw a crawdad and caught it quickly. I showed them. We touched it and marveled at it. And I had fun. I felt like a kid again.

I use to spend hours as a kid catching crawdads. I told my children stories of how I waded through knee high mud, invading crawdad homes and catching all sizes. I told them the story of the mammoth crawdad I caught that was the size of a lobster. And I told them stories of how I collected their claws, explaining that they grew back and how I never once got pinched.

I was reminded by seeing in my mind the picture of the crawdad I caught that day (pictured above). I almost forgot about it. With the memory I felt there was a message I had missed. What was crawdad’s message?


Crayfish Totem

Crayfish teaches us to move forward in life, to overcome our fears by shedding our old “skin”. This skin shedding is part of the crayfish’s nature cycle of growth and maturity. Similarly, spiritual growth is a forward moving process and involves shedding old limiting beliefs, issues and habits. The crayfish reminds us to not be afraid to let go of those things that hold us back. However, it also represents appropriate reversal, especially when threatened, but reminds us to not overuse this protective mechanism.

Crayfish is also symbol of regeneration. It often loses its legs, or claws, and can regrow them easily. So, also, can you regenerate as needed.

As a water creature, the crayfish represents the psyche, dreams and subconscious. It reminds us to pay attention to our intuition, listen to our dreams, and look for symbols in both our waking and dream world.

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4 thoughts on “Crayfish Totem

  1. talynia says:

    Wow that must be the answer to my dream I had a few weeks ago. I also dreamed about a crayfish! thank you so much for the explanation what the crayfish means in dreams! 🙂

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  2. Dayna says:

    Reblogged this on Living Life in Between and commented:

    Had an encounter with a crayfish yesterday. It prompted me to return to this post from 2015, which was the last time I saw a crawdad/crayfish.


  3. Eboni says:

    I saw one today and knew I had to find the meaning. This is exactly where I am right now and makes all the sense in the world. Thanks so much for this!!

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