Time for Something New

I was reading a blog post yesterday which about happiness. The point that got through to me was that those who are most happy are the ones following their heart and doing those things which fill them with joy regardless of what others say or what society deems “correct”.

It was not long after that the words of that post got through to me. I knew that what made me happiest was the spiritual process I have been going through most of my life. The experiences, the knowing, the insight, the healing – all of this is what brings me joy.

I am living my purpose.

When I awoke this morning I again thought of my purpose. I knew it was “to awaken”. That was the sole reason I came into this life.

I knew I had practiced and practiced this before coming. I even got a taste of it in prior lives. My last one especially.

Of course, I came into this life to do more than “awaken”, but it is my primary reason for being here. I have other contracts to fulfill; other smaller purposes. I think the main difference between my soul’s purpose and these contracts is that the contracts are like side-jobs. They are the tying up of loose ends.

When I wonder, “Why me?”, and “Why now?” I know that it is because I am “done” and moving onto something new, something different.

The answer is more of a feeling that is hard to describe, but basically I have advanced to new things.

“Advanced” is individual. It does not mean I am better or worse than anyone else. It just means that I have reached, as my guide calls it, “critical mass”. I am not completely sure what  that means but in my heart it means that I am done with what I have been doing and now can do something else. Move on. Move forward. Advance.

It kind of feels like loss of interest, really. Like I use to feel as a child. You know how children find something they like and do it over, and over, and over again because they love it soooo much? And then, one day, they suddenly have no interest. It is like the light switch shuts off on that particular interest. Then another one turns on.

This is “advancement” the way it feels to me. I have lost interest and am moving on. And I am not alone. Lots have lost interest.

Time for something new.


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