Folding in the Higher Self

This epic blue moon did not invoke any OOB states or profound spiritual experience for me. I was not expecting that, though. I knew I would have another night of deep sleep, and I did.

However, I did have early morning communications from my guide in the form of dreams and insight.

Folding in the Higher Self

One particularly strong memory was of a discussion in which I was being shown the definition of the word “fold”. I saw the written word and also pictures of the meaning of the word. I recall talking about folds in the skin and seeing layers of belly fat rolled one upon the other. In that memory I also recall hearing this was the wrong definition.

Then I recall joking about the word, turning it into “felled” such as “felled one’s enemy”. Apparently this humor was not appropriate and I was awakened immediately.

When I awoke I saw clearly in my mind a bowl and a mixing spoon. I knew this meant the definition I was being asked to consider here was the cooking definition – the combining of ingredients without forcing the air out of the mixture. This is done by mixing the lighter ingredients into the denser ingredients gradually and with very little pressure. The action is repeated until the the ingredients are fully combined. Step by step this involves moving the lighter ingredients around the side of the denser ones. Then, moving them underneath. Finally, by moving the entire mixture over onto itself.

What This Means

I find it interesting that this definition was used to describe my current transformation and the transformation of many others across the globe. Specifically, the combining of denser ingredients with lighter ingredients is superbly analogous to the ascension process.

The lighter ingredients are analogous of the Higher Self and the higher vibrating energy that it brings. This “light” infiltrates the lower vibrating or denser energy of the Earth Self. Ultimately, the two will completely combine and merge to create something new.

These two aspects must be combined slowly so as to not force the air out of the mixture. In the case of ascension, the “air” would of course be the physical body and the folding process is necessary for the preservation of it.


2 thoughts on “Folding in the Higher Self

  1. Zarah says:

    Wow, I love that metaphor! 🙂 It feels to me as if it has to do with the cells and the space around the cells … that it’s important not to compress that space. I’m not really great at cooking, so I would never have thought of that. 😉

    Liked by 1 person

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