No More Math Class!

Our upstairs a/c went out yesterday. Just in time for bed, too. I ended up sleeping in 82*. I don’t know if it affected my dreams but I had some vivid ones.


This dream was very long and detailed but I will keep it short.

I was a part of what appeared to be a competition between rival groups. The groups had no names but were instead represented by a color. I recall specifically the colors blue and red predominantly because these were the two groups that had made it to the final match.

Most of the dream was about strategy and reminded me of the Hunger Games story without the brutality. The blue group and the red group were trying to outdo each other. I remember being a part of the blue group. It seemed the red group was in direct opposition to us.

At one point another group came into play. I believe it was a pale yellow color but it did not have a name. The members of this group had great mental capabilities. They could perceive the thoughts and position of others a great distance from themselves and had a device that resembled an opalescent tunnel that would sent out their mental probe much farther distances. Basically, it was as if this group had mastered remote viewing.

The last thing I recall was seeing one of these mental tubes and trying to hide from it. I awoke not long after and had the idea that the colors represented the chakras but I was unsure what the pale yellow symbolized. Upon researching it this morning it represents psychic awareness and ability.

No More Math Class!

In this dream I was attending class and my instructor asked for all my coursework. I handed it to her but she said I would not pass because one assignment was missing. I knew which one and asked her to let me turn it in late, saying I had done it but left it at home.

I ran into a room that was quite messy. There were two others working in there but I ignored them and went to work. I had never done the assignment and so quickly made the chart. I don’t recall what the chart was about now but it was observations of something or another. I finished it and handed it in.

Later, I exclaimed, “That was my last math class! No more math classes!” I was very happy about it.

I wonder what math class represents? I suspect it relates to logic or mental processing. Perhaps problem solving?


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