Savasana Meditation

While my baby took his afternoon nap, I felt I needed to lay in savasana and meditate for a while. I situated myself on the floor in my bedroom, head facing north and palms up to receive.

Almost immediately I began to feel hovered over by several guides. My Companion, or main guide, was to my left instructing me and explaining what was happening. There was more of a feeling of his guidance than words, though I did hear sentences every now and again.

My head had been buzzing prior to meditating but now it was becoming the massive energy helmet I have become use to. The only difference in the helmet was that it did not extend around the back of my head as usual but just covered the top, sides and forehead.

As the energy increased I heard, “Focus up” and so I rolled my eyes up and back into their sockets, focusing as best I could on my third eye. I then heard, “Tell me if you feel pain”.

I tried to stay focused on my third-eye the best I could but my second chakra was lighting up. The energy formed a kind of upside down crescent moon shape with my belly button in the middle. The energy did not hurt but I could tell there was something different happening in this area.

Around the time my second chakra began to buzz, my heart chakra also began to activate and there was a memory of a dream I had when much healing work was being done on this area. I felt something similar was happening, though not for the same purpose. This was an alignment.

My Companion was now near my crown and I felt the presence of three others all down near my second chakra. I could not see them but the feeling of their energy was large and they seemed to fill up all the space right above me. I felt cocooned.

I again received instructions to focus upward, so I did, but I kept being distracted by my second chakra and the strange occasional surges in my heart chakra.

As I lay there accepting the healing I began to have thoughts that are not common for me anymore. They were barely there but the presence of them incited a comment from my Companion, “That is good”. The particular thoughts were of wanting that wonderful desirous feeling that comes with new love.

The thoughts faded as quickly as they came but there was an energy that lingered and I could feel movement in my root chakra. The energy there did not rise but seemed to spread out and settle. My second chakra continued to buzz strangely.

Then my right leg began to feel funny and the muscles in my thighs around my knees began to twitch. I knew there was tension in my legs from the energy, especially my right leg. This also reminded me of the heart healing dream I had. My right leg had been involuntarily kicking during the dream healing. I wonder what causes it?

Eventually the energy blanket that comes with entering light trance brought me out of a reverie I did not know I was in. Interestingly at this same moment my baby awoke from his nap and my husband arrived home with our other two children. It seems the healing session was over.

I feel blessed to have received such wonderful healing. Thank you.


10 thoughts on “Savasana Meditation

  1. Stumbled across this courtesy of who’s ability to show related posts. What you describe w the helmet is a powerful third eye opening. I know it may not seem that way, but it began at my third eye w pressure like a vice and spread, wrapping all the way to the back of my head. After a few of these events I seemed properly opened and now I tend to get lighter variations of it as my third eye revs up. Most often, I don’t use it when it comes…I just like the friendly reminder that it’s there. When I hear stories about what people think is the third eye I smile—there is sooo much more in there!

    Leg twitching or body jerks are more cost often related to energy being attenuated…and given you were getting an alignment by guides, it fits. If you get twitchy, just think yourself open or more flowing in energy (you know what I mean, right?)…and maybe either stretch the part of the body that’s feeling jerky or imagine energy flowing through it. Inagining a flowing Creek or waterfall almost always does it for me. I have developed a quick bliss trigger that works real well, too, when things feel tight. This trigger is a quick remembering of surrender and suddenly the energy opens up in my and things are much easier.

    What is Savasana? Is that deep relaxation lying down?

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    • Dayna says:

      Thanks for this info. I didn’t know the helmet was specifically the third-eye but that make’s sense. I’ve been having this kind of sensation since 2003 but it has indeed decreased since last year. I rarely get the helmet now. I have experienced crown opening with the helmet sensation as well.

      The twitches are rare now, too. I do Hatha yoga and it helps. I also went to the dr and found I had vein insufficiency and got that fixed, which helped with the leg restlessness. No bliss triggers here yet. I’ve not have a full K rising yet so maybe that’s why. I don’t know. This is all new territory for me.

      Savasana is when you lay flat on your back and just rest. So yeah, deep relaxation lying down.

      Thanks again for your help. Not many have gone through what I am. It can get very isolating.


      • Um….I think you have active kubdalini. Everything you describe is all out of the playbook.(there isn’t a real playbook, so hopefully you know what I mean) People insane think the energy rises….but you have felt it in its higher dimensional aspect as emerging from everywhere in I right?

        Unawakened people don’t have the helmet effect. That only comes with an abundance of prana. There is a powerful sexual side, again, kundalini. Ability to shift into deep meditative states….maybe you missed the rising part. It could have happened whilst you were sleeping. Earlier this year after reading something you wrote, I fell asleep and went into dream and I knew that I was dreaming about you. Everything that I saw screamed awakening. It was rich and full of trippy multidimensional aspects that give you that feeling of expansiveness or fullness, which is simply how prana feels when you embrace it fully. I even wrote about it some months past.

        I grew up sensing energy and when I woke up, my gift trebled, so I’m good at detecting this stuff from afar. You read as awake. Maybe I missed something, but that’s how it reads.

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      • Dayna says:

        No you didn’t miss anything. I saw you in my dreams as well. I think I told you about it in an email…Haven’t seen you since in dreamtime, though.

        I may have missed the full rising. IDK. There is a lot that happens in my sleep. I remember lots of it but then again I am sure there is more yet I have missed. I’ve been having K rising since 2003. It ebbs and flows but the past year has been WILD. I have experienced it rise up to my third-eye. This always happens while I’m sleeping and then wakes me up prior to ever fully rising. It is magnificent and addictive. Struggling with the addictive part now.

        Yes I’ve felt it as emerging from everywhere and nowhere at the same time. It has been a while since I’ve felt that, though.

        Really need help at the moment with the K energy and what it is doing to me. Feeling really crazy.


  2. I really have to proof my replies….auto-correct can really get it wrong sometimes.

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  3. Well the worst offender was where I said “insane people” when what I meant was something along the lines of innactive or unawakened. I have NO idea how autocorrect turned it into that.

    Many think it rises and that is it. It would be great to just have it be done. Right? Maybe someday this will be how they are. In truth, you find that this is a deep cleansing process. One important aspect is how blissful and sexual it is. We all tend to get weird about it, so we try to side step it. But this to my mind is just the problem. We have so many hangups, so much guilt and shame that it represents a core issue the entire species here labors under. But awakening shows you the true wonder of just feeling it fully, and as you are able, it begins to clear you as you let go the tightly held feelings through….fear. Fear over how others will react, fear over not conforming to societal stuff that keeps us in that prison where our most valuable asset is locked up.

    I have been asked this before and it points to how people think who have just awakened, which is how long does the rising last? There is the rising event, which for some is like a lightening bolt, but for others it’s just there. Almost like a nonevent…followed by continual “risings” or pulsations all through the body. Instead of ONE rising, it’s more that the rise initiates the presence of this energy in you. Then after that, its there. It’s there to the degree that you can allow it to take you and do its healing work. This is like having a surge over here, then something else in another part of the body, then another at yet another spot in you…as well as in your consciousness. Kundalini is clearing you of blocked material and it goes where it is needed. As it does this, the energy can feel broader, less constricted, less intense simply because the blocked energy isn’t causing turbulence as much. It feels calmer. Sometimes it can feel like it went away. But feel deeper, and you will have your answer.

    When I first caught on that this was kundalini, I remember some guru or yogi saying that pure kundalini doesn’t feel intense, that it’s like nothing is there because it’s so clear and unfettered by our attempts to unknowingly block it’s flow. I thought that the intensity WAS what kundalini is. But as I have worked day in and day out on the blocked energy in myself, what some refer to as “shadow work” I find it IS calmer. The work continues, and I find that this force is showing me deeper and deeper levels to all of me and of it as well.

    This had meant I had to let go of a lot of stuff that was part of my former life, and the work continues. This is less about a destination as it is an incredible mystery that keeps unfolding layer by layer. And I had a lot of fear that I would lose what I had in my life that I cherished. What I have found is that it has removed what was never good for me and has kept what was always mine to begin with…a winnowing of sorts.

    I don’t think you need help, you just need to embrace it….which I think you are doing anyway, right? You have THE best teachers who minister to you, you can drop right into those deep states where it works through you, and bit by bit you are loosening the tangle we all have in us in one way or another. So just ask them. Ask ANYTHING and you are going to get it answered just as soon as you are ready. In fact, you have teachers better than ANY terrestrial teacher could ever be, am I right? So write about it—it might inspire someone down the line. It might inspire you later.

    So the energy will go all over you. The rising simply opens the chakras up. After that, they get cleansed over and over. I noticed that I had multiple heart chakra clearings. I wondered why that was so. Each one felt like I had literally entered a new heart space. But then I read about how we have kosha’s, the idea here is that it’s like layers to each chakra…and these layers correspond to the aspect that each kosha deals with: body, mind, emotion, spirit, and prana (I think that’s right). But each chakra has five dimensions in it that deals with each aspect of ourselves….body kosha, emotion kosha, etc. So yes, you can clear the heart five times before it’s cleared completely. Each kosha is like a body that is superimposed over all the others. Each kosha has a different….vibration….or character. So don’t get stuck on whether it’s risen completely because that’s already happened. What’s happening now us it’s rolled up its sleeves and is getting in to its work. And just let it lead you. When it’s time to go to the crown, it will. When you are ready.

    Your work is in letting it do its work. Trust it’s truly wonderful power. It’s going to show you a you that is beyond imagining. Surrender, trust that you are in its capable hands, and your guides who exist outside of time already have the game plan mapped and studied, it’s just going to take time to see it all unfold. And don’t worry; you will know what to do because you were born for this. I say this knowing that deep inside, you already know. It’ll all work out perfect. You might worry how it’s going to turn out, but events will come at just the right time. Some might be hard at first, but you will look back in a year and think what a godsend it was that whatever it was that took place in events happened as it did. And trust me, people who are not fully awake only think the energy rises. You on the other hand have touched it’s one great secret; it’s coming from EVERYWHERE…. and that is a significant level of awareness that not a lot of people have. And knowing this, what implications do you think this has for you and the rest of us energetically? It’s really kind of huge.

    Sorry for the yammer, but I guess I assumed you knew you had already awakened.

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    • Dayna says:

      Not yammer. Thank you for everything you said. I needed to be reminded.

      I know I’ve awakened but I never connected the Kundalini to awakening before. It is becoming clearer and clearer to me each day that I am nowhere near as awake as I could be. Not even close.


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