Explanation of Current Processes

Though I was tired last night when my guide communicated with me, I found myself automatically tuning into my heart space for a time. When I do this, the information flows so fluidly and there are no words to it, just knowing.

I perceived that in the near future there will be an inflow of energy from my root chakra up to my solar plexus. This energy is of another, higher aspect of me and serves to connect the higher and lower chakras. From my understanding, there is a distinct break between the two right now with the heart in the center of it all.

The separation between my lower and upper chakras is a separation that cannot continue. This inflow of energy will resolve the issue, joining the upper and lower and creating a complete circuit. Apparently this disconnect is a normal part of the “process” and easily resolved.

The particular process I am going through is what my guide previously termed “energy swap” and what others sometimes call a “walk-in”. From what I understand, the energy swap is not occurring all at once but in small steps. The first step was on July 2 as written in my post Remember. This particular step was very strange and almost scary, so I wonder what this next one will be like.

There was also a feeling that this other aspect, a higher aspect, will resume primary control once the circuit is complete. “Resume” being used here because this occurred previously and without incident. When I recognized this I confirmed with my guide that this would only occur if I wanted it to. I, of course, am eager for it to happen.

Finally, I was told and also felt that there was a complication in a specific part of my brain – the amygdala. Upon researching this part of the brain, I can see why it would be where complications would exist. Below is a short video on the amygdala and its function.



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