OBEs: Set Two

After the OBE with the dogs, I came back into my body and settled there for a while, my guide close. He communicated to me without words and I was filled with a sudden knowingness that these experiences were to show me something important. At this time I felt my crown covered in buzzing energy. The energy was almost painful it was so intense.

By this time I was laying on my back and the vibrations were coming in waves, though I had to focus on them to tell they were there. When I did focus on them, they came on so intensely that I thought I would be propelled OOB. Thankfully, when I didn’t focus on them, they became muted.

Christmas Gift #2

At one point I saw through closed eyes again and this was how I knew I was OOB. I immediately got up and OOB and walked into the next room. This time I could see very clearly and saw in the middle of the room a huge Christmas tree shining brightly with a golden color. However, the tree had no lights or decorations.

Under the tree were tons of gifts piled up and wrapped beautifully. I inspected the gifts and read again my name on the tag of one of them, a small, rectangular box. It said, “To: Dayna From: Your Spirit Guide”. Smiling I left it there and browsed the other gifts. I read the tag of one and it said, “To: Bishop _______ From: Steven”. I could not make out the name of the bishop but smiled as I recognized there were gifts for others there, too.

I walked over to the fireplace mantel and just looked around for a while. I had a peaceful, serene feeling at this time and did not want for anything. My vision then blacked out and I felt the energy announcing a return to my body.

When I returned Steven asked, “Did you get my gift?” I said, “Yes”. He asked, “Did you open it?” I said, “No”. He asked, “Why not?” and I told him, “Because I wasn’t allowed to last time”. I figured that if I tried to open it that I would prematurely end my OBE like last time.

I again asked, “What is it?” He said, “You have it already. It is within you”. Puzzled, I returned to my reverie and let the vibrations wash over me.

Multidimensional Me

The next series of OBEs are different in that they appear to be a different version of my life. There are several OBEs so this will just be the first two as they are short.

In the first one, a scene opened up in front of me and I saw a much thinner version of my mother leaning over a sofa and looking at me. I felt as if I were just transported to this scene as there were no vibrations or shifts noticeable, just opening my eyes to another place.

My mom was talking to me about her life, saying something about a certain internet program coming out with an new version and how it would mess up her website. She said she had planned it for four months and now had to start over.

She went on to talk about my grandparents as if they were alive. I said to her, “Mom, Nanny and Grandaddy are dead”. She looked at me like I was talking nonsense and continued on, talking about other things in her life. She mentioned feeling alone and wishing she had someone. I told her, “Mom, you got married last year. Remember?” I gave her the name of her husband and she said, “Oh that would be nice. He and I dated when we were in high school”. I told her, “You should call him”.

I watched my mom intently during this OBE as she looked so different from real life. She was thinner and it looked like she had spent a lot of money on her appearance – face lifts, skin treatments, exercise and maybe even a tummy tuck. Her hair was short and styled and her clothes were very upscale. I do not recall moving at all during this OBE, just having a conversation.

My Other Family

When my mom left the room there was a shift and then I was back in the same room. I began to explore. What was this interesting, new place? Who lives here?

I wandered the house I was in, moving from the upscale living area to another connecting room. In this room there were large, floor to ceiling windows that lead to an outside space. The floors made of high-end wood and the decor was similarly priced. The color scheme was light beige and cream and the furniture was very nice, definitely not a home with young children in it!

A blonde girl of about 9 or 10 years old ran up to me. She spoke to me as if I were her parent, talking a million miles an hour. Her bubbly personality was catching and I smiled as she went on and on about something I do not remember now.

As I listened to her, I tried to remember how she looked. Her hair was long and blonde with a slight wave and she had it pulled back away from her eyes and pinned with two small barrettes. Her face was not familiar to me and resembled my ex husband. I wondered briefly if I was being allowed to look at my life had I stayed with him. Was this our daughter? I concluded that I was definitely being allowed to see an alternate version of myself and that life.


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