OBE: Set Three

I settled back into my body briefly and thought about the odd OBEs I had just had. I concluded that I was being allowed to see a multidimensional aspect of myself. Curious, I fell back into the vibrations and left my body to see if I could find out more about this “other” me.

Warning: These OBEs are disturbing.

Murder and Deception

I found myself back in a discussion with my mother. Again, I noted her appearance and how different, how good, she looked.

She was again complaining about the new version of some program that had come out and how much work it would take her to redo her website. This is not like my mom at all as her career was education and she knows nothing about web design! She repeated the name of the program several times, and I tried to remember it but all I recall now is the number 8.

When she left the room, I began to walk down the hallway into an area of the house I had not yet explored. There was carpet under my feet and walls to either side of me. I looked up and was face-to-face with a man. Startled, I stared at him but he did not seem to see me.

He had medium brown hair and a beard and was very nice looking. I thought to myself, “He is me” and concluded that I was being allowed to watch this other version of me in another version of my life.

The same young, blonde girl from the other OBE approached him. I knew her name this time: Amber Crystal. She was again talking non-stop about something and did not notice the man’s obvious irritation. She was showing him this wooden object that looked like some kind of lever or maybe a giant corkscrew. She handed the object to the man who took it. He was more and more irritated by this time.

I recall switching from the observer me into the man at this time. I knew his thoughts. He thought about knocking the girl on the side of the head with the wooden object. I heard him think, “Oh well. Why not?” Then he took the object and hit her in the side of the head with so much force it knocked her down. He/I stood over her and watched the blood trickle down the side of her head. She was obviously unconscious, but was she dead?

At that moment, another blonde girl approached. I knew immediately that she was the older daughter, about 17, and her name was Stephanie. She said to him, “You weren’t suppose to do that yet!” He said to her, “I couldn’t help it. She wouldn’t shut up”. I got a feeling that they had planned to kill her but that he had done it prematurely. Why they were doing it, I didn’t know.

The older girl was upset and the man was irritated at her. He began to walk past her as she was saying something to him. He took the corkscrew and shoved it right between her eyes and left it there. She stood there stunned with it sticking out of her head. I don’t know if it killed her as my vision blacked out and I returned to my body.


I found myself sitting on a bed that looked into another room. The room was vivid with a golden hue and there was a small baby on the floor playing. I remembered the last OBE and I was overcome with an impulsive urge to harm myself. I reached over and grabbed a heavy chisel and began to stab my right thigh with it over and over again. At first I thought it would hurt, but I felt nothing, only pressure, and even though I stabbed my flesh, there was no blood. It only left behind marks.

I stabbed and stabbed, the whole time watching the baby and thinking, “They are nothing more than animals”. Where this thought came from, I don’t know, but I was totally comfortable with thinking it and with stabbing myself. When I saw the baby I literally thought it a nuisance, like a mongrel on the street.

I then began to molest myself with the chisel, curious if it would hurt since it had not hurt to stab myself. I had no concern at all for my body nor was I feeling ashamed of what I was doing to myself. It felt like I was trying to punish myself but even that was not a thought.

I awoke with a pain in my second chakra as energy shot up from my root. My head was buzzing with energy that was so intense it nearly hurt. I was confused about the OBE. Why did I do that? Weird! Yet I had no feeling of shame or guilt at what I had just experienced/done. It seemed more like I had been someone else; not myself at all.

I did not go OOB after that but instead fell to sleep and awoke with a line from a song going through my head, “Won’t you lay me, won’t you lay me down”.

If anything, it appeared the OBE was meant to help clear a blockage in my first and second chakras. I believe I was allowed to view a dark side of myself. Thankfully, I did not reject it but allowed myself to be an emotionally objective observer.


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