Visit from Dragonfly

I felt drawn to go outside and just sit even though it was nearing 90 degrees and there was little shade. My daughter joined me and we sat, looking out on the trees and stream below us. It was peaceful and we both instantly noticed small shadows zipping around haphazardly on the ground. Looking up, we saw the source of these shadows: dragonflies.

There were more than I could count. I would guess about 100. The highest fliers were also the biggest. Those closest to the ground were small, probably only about two inches long. One landed on my daughter, then on me, then on her and back and forth. We watched his blue body and shimmering wings in awe. He was so perfectly tiny! I tried to take his picture several times but couldn’t get a good shot. This is the only good picture I got but he is mostly in the shadow of the porch swing.

dragonfly1Later, I went outside alone and stood right underneath the magnificent swarm of dragonflies. As I was leaving, I saw two huge, bright red ones. I thought they were hummingbirds at first. They were so large! I watched them fly past several times. So vividly red! I have never seen a red dragonfly like that!

Dragonfly Symbolism

The dragonfly brings many messages. He symbolizes happiness, speed, purity, joy and light. He also represents prosperity and good luck. Additionally, he can symbolize self-realization and one’s true, inner beauty. He reminds us to live in the moment and to the fullest.

Some of the most important messages from dragonfly are that he encourages us to look beyond self-created illusions to find our inner truth and beauty. Many say that when dragonfly comes into your life that you are ready to shift into a higher gear, move forward, fulfill your true potential and vibrate at much a higher frequency than before. His presence acts as an invitation to do all of the above with trust in your inner guidance.

I find the timing of dragonfly’s entrance into my life today as a synchronicity. He came just after I had taken yet another step toward the goal of starting my own business. I had been worried, thinking I should do more, but had chosen to let it be and relax for the time being. His presence validated my decision while also giving me something beautiful to watch.


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