Lucid to OBE: Room of Sunflowers

Last night was another long night of dreams. I once again awoke to tears. The clearing continues and I am so weary of it.

I did ask prior to sleep: If I can’t astral travel, can I at least lucid dream?

Lucid to OBE: Room of Sunflowers

I awoke at 5am feeling down about life in general. I felt the all-over body energy hug from my Companion as I let the disappointment in myself come to the surface. Overall, I felt/feel like a failure in this life. I asked my Companion why he created the personality and tendencies I have in this life. To me, they are too hard to overcome.

Buzzing energy began to increase around the top of my head and around the base of my spine. The energy around my spine wrapped around the front of my body and felt comforting. I fell asleep.

I found myself inside an unfamiliar house. There was a party going on, a celebration of the release of a sequence of movies. I overheard talk about my younger sister and realized that she was a part of this movie project and attending the party. I went in search of her.

I walked up carpeted stairs to a large room where most of the people were mingling. There was a group dancing and that is where I saw my sister. They were dancing oddly, with strange motions of the hands. It was almost like they were casting spells. I remember that as I watched I hoped no one would ask me to dance.

I ended up downstairs looking around. I wanted to snoop around in my sister’s things. I hadn’t seen her in so long. What was she like as a person now?

Standing there, the thought came to me that I was dreaming. I said aloud, “This is a dream”. Instantly the golden hued, brightly lit room turned dark and I couldn’t see. I moved toward the stairs in the dark and began to ascend.

I jumped up, trying to fly but found it difficult. I said aloud, “I can fly” and was able to hover for a moment but there must have been something wrong with my motivation to fly because I felt pulled back down.

At the top of the stairs I saw a window and headed for it. It was the only source of light and I could see the window clearly. I flew at it full speed reminding myself I could go through objects. When I got the window I went through it without incident and ended up floating outside in a courtyard. All I could see were the branches of a large tree. Beyond that, though, was a bright, golden light. I peered through the leafless branches and saw row upon row of giant sunflowers in a room not far away. I flew toward it.

The sunflowers were inside a room on the first floor. I had to go through another window to get to them.

I attempted a fly-through but was stopped this time and had to manually open the window and pull off the screen. When I went through, my foot caught on the screen. I could see the sunflowers and the large room. I recognized the room. I had been there in a previous dream.

Pulling against the screen, I struggled to get inside with no success. The effort of it caused me to lose motivation. I felt like a failure and gave up. The once bright room dimmed and turned black and I felt the familiar energy as I settled back into my body. I opened my eyes immediately and this caused my heart to feel like it was going to jump out of my chest. I checked my heart rate and it was steady, nothing like how it felt in my chest. I rolled over, disappointed in the entire experience.

Sunflower symbolism – a source of spiritual guidance pointing you in the right direction. Times may be difficult but you will persevere. They also symbolize warmth, abundance and prosperity.


6 thoughts on “Lucid to OBE: Room of Sunflowers

  1. Zarah says:

    For me there is a connection between your feelings of failure in your life and your feelings of failure in the dream. It looks like the light gets darker as your emotions become more sombre. It’s like the dream says, “This is what happens if you give up on yourself, everything goes dark.” So it might be an idea to meditate on the image of sunflowers and golden light to get the energy up? Believe in yourself, I think you’re doing fine. 🙂

    BTW, have you tried the technique of interviewing dream characters? I use that a lot, I ask the dream figures who they are and what the dream is about. So you could find out who your “sister” is in the first part of the dream, and what the movie stuff is about. In my dreams, “movies” is usually about “incarnations” because the incarnated self is like a role, but your dream language might be different.

    My own dream recall hasn’t been so good recently, so I feel impressed by all the stuff you remember. 🙂

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    • daynaspirit says:

      Thanks for the advice about interviewing the dream characters. All of the people vanished when I became lucid. This is normal for me. So I don’t know when I will get the chance to interview them.


      • Zarah says:

        I interview them in my waking state. (Haven’t ever managed to become lucid in my dreams.) It’s a bit like channeling. I just sit down and say, “Can I talk to this or that person from my dream?” Usually when someone comes into your dream it’s because they want to communicate, so there should be no problem in establishing communication. – Then when I have asked to speak to them, I just wait until they answer. It might be like verbal channeling, but it can also happen that images or ideals come into your head, or feelings arise and memories come, or you just feel an energy. That is also communication, just not in language. Sometimes they are Galactics, people I know from other realms, sometimes they are parts of myself or even situations from my life that show up as dream characters. You will find out when you connect with them. It’s good to record it or to take notes so you have a reference, because dreams you have later on might refer back to earlier ones. I have had dreams that connected back to other dreams I had 6 monhs earlier, and if I had not done the dreamwork on the earlier one and recorded it, I would have forgotten about it completely. Of course there are too many dreams to do deep dreamwork every time, but it’s good to do it for the ones that move you deeply because they are usually important.

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      • daynaspirit says:

        Very cool. I don’t even have time to meditate during my waking hours so this won’t likely be something I can do for a long time.


  2. Zarah says:

    It doesn’t have to take so long … 15 to 20 minutes might be enough. I’m amazed to hear that you have so little time. Your purification regime sounded like it took hours every day, so I thought you must have lots of time … seems I was wrong there. Sorry for suggesting something that is impractical for you. How on earth did you manage to do all the running and sauna and stuff, if you don’t even have time to meditate? 😕

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    • daynaspirit says:

      I finished the Purification a couple of weeks ago. Since then I have been working full-time on launching a new business which gives me very little free time. As for your last question, my MIL watched my kids for me while I did the Purification but she is not available now.


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