Confronting and Clearing

I had a very active dreams last night. I was so involved in them that it felt as if I had lived days in just one night.

Confronting and Clearing

I started with a dream in which I threatened to leave my husband and he called my bluff. I was so angry at him because I could not leave him. I would not leave my children or break up my family. I remember calling him my wife several times and feeling a familiarity with this notion but not understanding why.

I then found myself standing outside next to a young, black woman. I remember that she was very pretty, with curly, black hair pulled up in a pony tail. She was wearing high heels and a skirt and was nervous. She was on the phone at a phone booth in New York. I remember knowing her “story” as if it were my own. She left home for New York to live her dream and was calling her grandmother to ask her for money to help her pay the bills. She carried in her hand a pile of opened letters (bills) and I knew she had asked her grandmother for help in the past. If she didn’t get help this time, she would lose her home and be out on the streets. Her worry was my worry.

I heard her grandmother talking to her on the phone saying how much she missed her and how she wished she would come home. At the same time I felt the girl’s anxiety. Should she ask her for money? Should she disappoint her grandmother again? I wanted to help her.

Then I was her and staring at this man. He was tall with lots of hair on his face. He had so much fluff on his face that he looked like a cat! He was saying to me/her that he could help. I saw in my mind him helping a small mouse find its way out of a maze. I remember thinking about the symbolism of cats – their fierce independence. Maybe this fierce independence could sometimes be a flaw?

I returned to mulling over the first dream for some reason and my anger woke me up. I felt my guide and he said something and I immediately calmed down. I recognized the anger was misplaced. I also recognized the dreams were not about just me, but about others in this world. I knew I was not alone. My issues were also others’ issues. We were all the same.

Other Dreams

I returned to sleep and had a series of dreams involving my family. I was helping them by having them do the purification I did. There was a schedule issue and I ended up driving my brother very early in the morning – 5:30am. When we got there we had to turn around and I was driving and very disoriented and upset. I ended up crashing the car because I changed my mind about taking an exit.

I rushed to check on my brother and he was fine. The back end of my car had been crushed but then it fixed itself and I was back in the car. I went up another exit ramp and it was made up rocks and sand and there was a chair in the middle that had a message – “Road closed”. I stopped and backed up and then just parked. We saw a large semi-truck with its back opened. A man was telling everyone he needed to get rid of the stuff inside. It was all free, so I went to browse.

I had a blast picking out clothes and things and had such a huge pile that I could not carry it all. I remember picking out clothes and jewelry for me and also clothes for my mom and husband.

In the end, when the shop was empty, I began to leave and saw laying on the ground a miniature elephant figurine. Or so that is what I thought it was. When I looked closer, the elephant was being eaten by thousands of ants. It was real and had been alive! I stared in amazement at the tiny, perfect-looking elephant for some time, wondering why it was there.

There was then a scuffle behind me and I turned and saw someone pointing a gun at the guy who had been giving all the stuff away. I watched, wondering if I should be worried.

When I awoke I heard my guide say, “The bus route is changing”. I felt that this meant that a shift was in the works. It could be an individual shift, but likely a group one.


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