I Created You

Something my Companion said a while ago is beginning to make sense to me.

He told me once, “I created you”. I didn’t understand.

There was a moment, though, when there was a glimmer or understanding. I will explain it now the best I can.

I saw this persona that has been me in this life for the majority of this life. I saw her as a creation of Self in the body. One possibility among countless possible combinations. Her purpose was to live in the body, become part of the body, and experience life in the body. In this she was limited, but this was purposeful.

Everything about this persona was created to prepare her to experience life from a certain viewpoint. In this, there came also an understanding of something else my Companion said, “I see through your eyes what I cannot see through my own”.

The creation of this persona served a purpose. This and other personas like her have all served a purpose.

Each persona returned to its creator upon death. Integration into the whole from which it was born. In some cases, the persona was able to glimpse their connection to the others but always only slightly.

For some reason, in this life, this persona, is breaking the mold. The purpose for which she and the others was created has been served. It’s time to expand past previous limitations.

Thus integration is occurring prior to death when in the past it occurred after.


One thought on “I Created You

  1. Zarah says:

    My Higher Self explained to me that the “person” you are in a given incarnation is like a role in a play. Your soul is the actor who takes on the role. When you leave the stage, you shed the role and return to your actual self. So when you shed the “personality” you had in your incarnation, you remember who you really are – the actor who took on the role to play a part in a stageplay. The point is that You are the actor, not the role, and it’s important to identify with that. We have forgotten we are the actors, and started identifying with the roles … which is like thinking you are really Macbeth or King Lear, when you play him on a stage. It’s all You, of course … but you have to see through the costumes and makeup to see the real self. It’s a challenge for me, too – I was pretty upset when my soul told me “You are just a role”. But I think recently I’ve been getting some glimpses of who I really am … and I try to expand into that. Hopefully I will be able to see that I AM that.

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