Dream: Ship Drop

Fitful night of sleep last night. I have been having tons of pulling/pressure in various locations on my head. It feels like a vortex of energy pulling and makes the hairs on those parts of my head stand up. I suspect this pressure is continued work by my guides to help me adapt to the Higher aspect infiltration.

Ship Drop

Lots of odd dreams but this one is the most interesting. In it, I was aboard a large, ship. It was so huge that two football stadiums could fit inside! I was led into an auditorium-type room with long tables horizontal to one another. It reminded me of a military mess hall. The walls were steel gray in color and made of metal. Everything seemed to have the same gray coloring as the walls, even the tables we sat at.

I was waiting, feeling a bit out of my element and not knowing exactly what was going on. I was sitting with a small group and there were row upon rows of empty tables. There was a small group of maybe five people. These were the only other people I saw and they were quite a distance away. Two of them were complaining of how they could not get together (sexually). They had just been reunited after a long time apart and wanted to get reacquainted but the rules were that we were to wait aboard this ship until we were dropped at our destination.

At this point it was as if I was receiving instructions about what was coming next. In my mind I experienced what I was being told, but in reality I was just sitting at my table, listening. What I saw/experienced in my mind was us stripping our clothing off – we had to be naked – and getting into line to be dropped from the ship. I then experienced a falling sensations and saw below me a group of islands comes into focus. I, with my group, landed in the water and then swam to the nearest island. When we reached the island I felt a sense of relief and happiness as the beach seemed to rise up and greet us.

I had questions: How would I make such a long swim? I then saw an inner tube materialize. I then said, “I will get sunburned”. There was no answer to that, almost like it was a ridiculous concern. I spoke with the person giving me the instructions about the “plan”. I knew the drop was to be over the Hawaiian Islands at the island of Oahu. Yet I did not pronounce the island that way. I said something like, “Ohapuana” or something like that. But our final destination was the Big Island but I kept calling it “Miami” for some reason and this confused me but I could not figure out why in the dream. There was a discussion about changing the drop location so we could get to the Big Island easier. I remember saying the name, “Rusty Boyston” to someone but I have no idea who he is.

We then lined up to prepare for the drop. I took a detour to the bathroom and rushed to rejoin my group. I worried I would be left behind or not be ready (naked) for the drop.

Then, I became semi-lucid and recall being taken to a room. A door opened and there was this strange, alien-looking creature staring back at me. I startled and then realized it was not an actual alien but rather a suit. It was a mottled green color and the helmet was very large and egg-shaped with a horizontal slit where the eyes should be. It reminded me of a scuba diving suit. I recognized it was only a suit and felt better. That is when I awoke.


I suspect this dream is a symbolic representation of instructions I received during sleep. The ship at first appeared to be a ship for water but the dream revealed it was a different kind of ship, one that flew. Hawaii is likely symbolic of the reward waiting for me at the end of my journey. The nakedness could be me feeling vulnerable but I think it is symbolic of the stripping away of all the old in preparation for the coming changes.

All in all, I feel the dream was answers to questions I have been asking my guides about what is happening with me and what the end result will be. There appears to be a link to E.T.s and my fear of them. I seem to be accepting their existence more and more.


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