Changes are Coming

Things have been different since the 1st of July. I am different and things are getting stranger and stranger.

Instructions: Changes are Coming

I am being given instructions pretty much non-stop. I hate using the word “instructions” because really it is not that I am being told what to do. It is more like I have an urge to change that comes from within and is accompanied by a knowingness of the specifics of the change.

Not only do I know what the changes are and how to begin creating the changes, but I see glimpses of the final product – the final “changed” me. My reaction to this is satisfaction rather than rejection. I like what I am seeing.

This is a brief list of the changes I am being asked to make:

1. A complete overhaul of my diet. This is the message I received:

Reduce toxin intake by eating organic, grass-fed meats; organic, pesticide-free produce; limited canned items; no processed foods; no sugar or sugar substitutes; organic, grass-fed dairy products.

Vegetarian diet encouraged because meat contains toxins despite being organic and grass fed. Meat contains the cellular memory of the animal. This transfers to the one who ingests the meat acting like a “toxin” in its own way.

With this information also comes a strange repulsion of certain foods. For example, I was cooking ground beef (not organic), making hamburgers for my family. The smell of it bothered me and I kept feeling I should not eat it. I continued to cook it for my family, trying to ignore the weird feelings and repulsion I was having. I had no such repulsion when I cooked a meal of organic pork chops with all organic veggies.

Another example is that when I am eating meats I sometimes become sympathetic toward the animal I am eating. I see an image of the animal in my mind and feel I should not eat animals at all. Interestingly, after such a sympathetic reaction I saw a video on FB of a child crying about eating turkey, calling them “animal-people”, and I recognized this as a confirmation that my reactions to eating meat were purposeful.

2. With the strange repulsion comes a distinct dissatisfaction with my normal workout routine. I dread it and struggle to push through it. I feel inclined to stop and there comes with this a feeling that the way the body looks is not as important to how well it functions. Too much focus on appearance triggers the Ego and distracts from purpose. The focus is away from previous cycles initiated by the Ego. We are not the body, we are stewards of it.

3. Stop wearing make-up and let my hair be natural. I get messages like this when I look in the mirror and smile when I see my reflection feeling/thinking, “I am beautiful just the way I am”. I also hear my Companion ask me, “Who would you be had you not changed for others?” This comes along with a message to “Be yourself” and “strip away the lies”. In my mind I see myself glowing and radiant, wearing comfortable clothes and not caring what I look like.

4. Stay in my body as much as possible. OBEs are counterproductive and slow progress. I still want them and ask for them but am told they will be few and far between. I am told I will get information without going OOB. I do not need to leave my body to communicate with my Council. I will go “in-between” and this in itself will become more useful to me than going OOB.

5. Finish what was started. Though I am eager to get started on my path, I must complete the cycle of action that was previously started. In particular, raise my children and focus on family. Though this may seem to slow me down, I cannot proceed until it is done. Individual pursuits will be introduced but priority always is given to family. I will know when to move forward.

These changes will be gradual. To force them all at once invites frustration and slows progress.


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