Questions Answered

My experiences from yesterday brought about questions. Tons of them. And lots of confusion to boot.

This is to be expected as the changes you are currently undergoing are quite intense. Internal structures are being broken down and built back up again. This tearing down of the Old is a necessary evil. Do not be disheartened. You are the Phoenix and will arise from the ashes anew.

Trust the process. Trust in yourSelf. This is not a struggle unless you want it to be. This is a manifestation of all that you are and is truly beautiful as you are beautiful in all your forms. These aspects of you are reuniting, re-identifying with the whole, Divine being that you are.

Your heart center is your center of operations now. The mind you cannot escape but you can quiet it, subdue it and control it. This is a terrifying prospect for the Old – all this appears as subterfuge and change to her – so she will likely give you quite a battle in the coming months as she continues to test the boundaries. In this we advise you to stay strong and persevere for that is the only way to come out of this experience victorious. Giving up now will only delay the inevitable whether to later in this life or into your next incarnation. Do you wish to delay it yet again?

Of course not. But why do you seem so distant to me when so recently you were close?

This is an illusion, of course. Do you not see that? Am I not here right now? Am I now a part of you at every moment, every turn? Have I not been there for you from the very beginning? From within and without we are One, we are every part of each other intertwined and whole for no part of you is not a part of me and no part of me is without you. You are not alone nor have you ever been alone and never will you ever be alone.

Do not let this illusion convince you to forsake yourself.

I am wondering about this “walk-in” phenomenon. Why is it that I feel I am one and what does it mean, if anything?

You are a walk-in. You yourself know this, stated this and understand it to be true. Whether it happened yesterday or twenty years ago is not of importance. What is important is that you are coming into yourSelf now, when in the past yourSelf was lost to you, caught up in the pursuits of the Egoistic mind of another You you allowed to take lead. In effect you have been ‘riding along’, waiting for the opportune time to take the lead and that time is upon you now. And so you know this, understand this in your heart and are trying to convince your otherSelf to go along with the changes you wish to impart. This is not an easy task and one that often takes many years to accomplish. To rush it is to overstep your boundaries and upset the Old to the point of rejection. Do you want this?

Of course not. So I have been sharing this space with the other all this time?

Yes. And more you will Remember soon, but be patient. The Old Remembers with you and she can only handle so much. Eventually she will resign herself to the Truth and concede.

I understand. Thank you.


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