It is odd how memory returns suddenly.

In recounting my OBE yesterday, I wondered briefly about the conversation I so clearly heard but could not remember. Why was it lost to me? I was even participating in it!

Then, after posting my experience to this blog, I was suddenly hit with a recollection of the subject matter of said conversation: Hypnosis.


After a long day, I sat down to watch a movie my husband said I should watch – Dead Again. The movie was old, from the early 90’s. Strangely, I had never seen it.

About thirty minutes into the movie hypnosis came up. As the movie progressed, it was clear that hypnosis and past lives were a major part of the story. I could not help but wonder – Was the movie there to remind me of the conversation I had early that morning? Was the conversation a premonition that I would be watching the movie or was it something else?


This morning, after a night of restful but frequently interrupted sleep, I cannot remember my dreams. However, upon seeking out the lost dreams the subject of hypnosis returns along with the message: You are hypnotized.

And in considering this, I realize that my guides are trying to get me to understand that this life, this “play”, we are all actors and actresses in, is so very hypnotic.

But there appears to be more to it than that. Perhaps the hypnosis is not limited to just lifetimes on Earth. Maybe it is so ingrained in us that we remain influenced even after death and that this perpetuates the cycles of life, death and rebirth all the more. We don’t question the cycle between lives. We accept it and continue upon the path.

Is it possible that to break the cycle all we must do is break this hypnotic trance we have been for so long? If so, how?

I am reminded of The Matrix movies in response to the above question. It appears the first step is not only to question our existence and this Earth life, but also to fully let go of that which restrains us – beliefs, illusions, addictions, and all attraction to the illusions of life – and take a leap of faith into the unknown. Only then will we truly be in control.

“You take the blue pill, the story ends. You wake up in your bed and believe whatever you want to believe. You take the red pill, you stay in wonderland, and I show you how deep the rabbit hole goes.” `~The Matrix

It is clear to me that this decision is so much more complex than the movie scenario. The decision to break free of the cycles and the hypnosis we have been under is on-going. A one time choice will not do it. It sets you on the path but in order to remain on the path you must continue to choose the “red pill” over and over again.

Application to Life

It is fitting that this message comes through to me at this time. I have been struggling with the decision to leave my job because of concerns about the financial security of my family. I have no interest in my job anymore yet I hold onto it, fearing the unknown that awaits me if I leave the security it provides. There is clarity now about this decision that was not there before, suggesting that discussion of this issue has been on-going while I sleep.

I am hit with thoughts about manifestation and how it works in the physical universe. The message to the universe is that I desire the job I already have. My thoughts, words and actions send that message.The key here is to change my thoughts and words from, “I need a job” or “I don’t want my job anymore”, to, “I have a job I love” or even better, something more specific. Then, my actions should support my thoughts. Instead of staying at a job I no longer desire, which tells the universe that I need the job for financial security, If I leave my job it show the universe that I am desirous of something better. In leaving that space to be filled by the universe, I am supporting my own creative ability rather than supporting the hypnotic, fear-based suggestions I have been taught lifetime after lifetime.

The human, hypnotized part of me is filled with doubt almost instantly at the thought of taking such a dramatic leap of faith. What will I do for work? How will my family survive financially? What is we lose our house? What if my husband leaves his job (which he wants to do)?

The above thoughts/doubts are reflective of my/our hypnotized state. We have been hypnotized into believing that we are powerless and that physical universe things have more power than we do. Money. Influence. Education. Social Status.

In reality, we are powerful manifestors who have forgotten our own power.

So the question here, do I take the red pill or do I continue on with the blue pill?


2 thoughts on “Hypnotized

  1. herongrace says:

    Wow…the Fool card leap of faith! I got that card the other day. Love the way you explain this and it is so relevant. We are waking up, but how to continue down that path. Funny, wondering around here meditating on these issues and ended up falling down a large hidden hole straight down into the ground my elusive echidna had dug. Luckily I was o.k., but the symbolism was noted, lol!

    Liked by 1 person

    • daynaspirit says:

      Wow! You’re right – very similar to my post. It is funny, but after writing the post I almost took it down because upon meditating I realized the timing is not yet right to leave my job. Sigh.


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