Unexpected OBE

Last night continued the pattern of the previous week. I had too much energy to settle and fall asleep and my stomach was unsettled. I ended up awake until 1am.

Unexpected OBE

Literally moments after I finally began to doze off, I found myself in the midst of subtle vibrations. I also overheard an entire conversation going on between three individuals. I remember talking back to the voices saying, “I am here. I want to talk to you about something. I hear you talking about me”. I do not remember now what they were saying, but at the time it was crystal clear and it felt as if these people were just on the other side of my bed.

I realized that I was about to exit my body and did not resist. I felt very drowsy, though, and wanted badly just to fall asleep. I had been trying so hard to fall asleep and now I was being kept awake by vibrations!

A part of me did not care about the sleep aspect, though, and wanted OOB, and this part is the part that took over. I remember thinking, “I wonder if I can exit?” Without anymore thought, I literally just rocked out of my body. I could feel myself peeling out of my body and it was almost like cobwebs of energy stuck to me and would not come off.

When finally freed of the strange, cobweb energy I was standing by my bed. The conversation between the three people was gone and they were nowhere to be found. The room was black and gray and there was a heaviness all around me. I remember stumbling away from the bed and saying, “Clarity now”. When it didn’t work I realized I needed to have more conviction when I said it and so said it again.

Nothing happened and the heavy energy seemed to slow me down exponentially. I felt like a giant sloth, my arms and legs seemingly glued to the ground. The exertion of it was too great and I went back into my body gradually.

Hypnagogic Imagery

Back in my body, the vibrations continued and I knew if I wanted that I could go back OOB. I was not thrilled about doing that so I lay there languidly for some time, observing the images and shapes flashing in my mind.

I recognized that I could create images from the shapes in my mind/vision, so I played around and created a scene of a kitchen table set up with a white kettle, glass and napkin. They were arranged like they would be for a casual tea time. I was able to make it extremely clear, clear enough that if I wanted I could have walked straight into the scene. Disinterest then overtook me and the scene faded but I quickly recreated the scene, watching the image clarify in the center of a white fog. I knew that it was a portal to another place somewhere in the astral realms but I just didn’t want to bother going on an adventure. So, I let the scene fade out and watched the black and white squares cascade and swirl in my vision until the vibrations disappeared and I fell asleep.


I have not been interested in going OOB some time and so this experience took me by surprise. Additionally, I went OOB at the beginning of falling asleep, which is out of the ordinary for me. I suspect that is why I had such difficulty getting out of the etheric and felt almost stuck to the floor by strange, cobwebby, heavy energy. I wonder if my upset stomach was the reason for such an early exit? Or maybe it was a combination of my stomach issues and not being very tired. My energy level has been through the roof! Whatever the case, I hope that next time I am able to muster up enough interest to go through the portals and on an adventure.


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