No Rest for the Weary

I couldn’t fall to sleep last night. I had too much energy, which was odd after running for 30 minutes and then sitting in a hot sauna for four hours (with breaks of course). I was able to hear my guide on and off and had some moments where I would hear complete sentences but they are lost to me now. I recognized instantly that something was churning inside me, moving toward the forefront of my Earth consciousness.

The recognition of this was almost imperceptible, still is, but if I focus on my heart space, quiet my mind and just feel, it is there. The physical exhaustion that accompanies this purification of body has separated me from the usual communication periods that come with sleep. Yet there lingers a memory that so much is being accomplished in the beyond.

No Rest for the Weary

I have been observing the comments of others over the period of a couple of weeks. While I enjoy my deep, almost dreamless sleep and daily stability, others are struggling with intense Kundalini-type symptoms, general dis-ease and melancholy. The energy intensifies every day and the lull between each surge is near non-existent. It is the crescendo ever rising. It is adjust, adapt or fail.

And I hate to tell you all this, especially those of you who are struggling right now, but this is not going to let up anytime soon. The days of the long periods of normal, lower energy, are over. It is the push over the edge for some.

If you are feeling overwhelmed and unable to cope with this new normal, ask for assistance from your guides. Look inward for your answers, not outward, as you will find great confusion all around you. It is human nature to seek comfort in our similarities with others, to feel not alone, yet at this time the similarities can be very misleading and only add to the confusion.

There are some who are, like me, experiencing deep, rejuvenating sleep. Enjoy it, as it is your body adapting to the higher more intense energies. Though you may feel disconnected from your guides at this time, they are never far away. Know there is much occurring behind the scenes. Trust that all is well. You are in good hands.


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