Purification Progress

Today is day four of my purification. My cold is gone and I am becoming use to the changes in routine due to the program.

I had more energy yesterday after I finished the program, enough that I was able to do my normal activities. For the first two days of the program I had to lay down and take power naps, so the increase in energy back to my norm was nice. Unfortunately, the increase in energy made it hard for me to fall asleep last night.

Results Thus Far

Besides the increase in energy, I had some serious reactions to the Niacin on day 2. Not only did my skin flush but I got dizzy, nauseated, light headed, and tired. This only lasted about a half hour, thankfully. I suspect the Niacin was releasing the radiation from old sunburns, x-rays and other toxic substances as all the symptoms I experienced are classic radiation symptoms. Today my dosage increases again so I expect more releasing of toxins, though with less intensity.

I am also getting use to the increase in cardio. I use to run almost daily before my third child, but stopped and replaced it with weight training and that has been my routine ever since. Getting back into the routine of running, even if via interval training, has been hard to return to. Follow that with hours in the sauna and any body would want to sleep the rest of the day!

I am drinking a gallon of water just while doing the program. I then drink probably close to another gallon when I am home. The results have been a purging of my skin. While I am in the sauna my face looks like I recall it looking in my 20s. Unfortunately, when I get out is when the wonderful skin problems erupt. I suspect this will diminish over time as I am already seeing it do so. It is like getting a very long facial every day. 🙂

It is important to eat 6 servings of veggies per day and so I have been doing so. I normally eat 3-4 (inadequate) so this has my body a bit confused and I am suffering some digestive discomforts but these are diminishing as well now, too. I mostly eat broccoli, spinach, carrots and bell peppers but am diversifying because I think the broccoli is causing me to bloat. lol Last night I ate cabbage and bok choy, with no side effects. My new favorite snack is now miniature bell peppers. So yummy!


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