Consciousness Crescendo – Message from the High Council

There will be soon a climax in consciousness that will be experienced by the many on Earth ascending at this time. It is so called a climax because there has not yet been such consciousness levels reached in these individuals until now. This is the culminating event in an ever building schematic previously laid out eons ago for the transcendent evolution of mankind.

In this event a superior knowingness will seem to descend upon those ready for such an experience. It will feel much as if your physical mind expands beyond a limit yet to be experienced. Your origins and purpose will again be revealed but this time with more definition and specificity. The gaps that were there before will be filled in and a pervasiveness of it will endow you with much of your Self which you have lost over countless incarnations.

Additionally, a calmness will overtake you that is such that you will feel ever more comfortable in your surroundings, in your physical vehicle and in your purpose. A dream-like quality may accompany this and a sense of homecoming that many of you have been seeking your entire lives will be palpable.

This climax in consciousness comes after a period of quiet and seemingly disconnect from Source. This in itself was an illusion set up in part due to the effects of the Egos return to the forefront during a time of adjustment and transition. There is a pattern in this process that you may now be noticing. Such patterns exist so that the full transformational effects can be felt and processed without resulting in supreme overwhelm of the mental mechanisms of the body. The physical vehicle is only capable of so much and should not be pushed beyond its limits. To do so would encourage sudden illness and dysfunction therein. Even with precautions, many have been experiencing physical alterations at varying degrees throughout their transformation. Therefore, do not be disappointed when this powerful and sublime crescendo, decrescendos, and leaves you wanting for more. The true test is in recognizing the illusion of its departure.

As always, we remind you to tune into the heart center and avoid the mind’s over-analytical tendencies. Trust the process. Give into the process. Release your fears, doubts and insecurities and this consciousness crescendo will shift you into the next level.


3 thoughts on “Consciousness Crescendo – Message from the High Council

  1. Dayna, this post really resonates with me. Just what I needed to hear…thank you!

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