The Unfolding: Message from the Peiadian High Council

Against the night there is a shuddering, a violent explosion of intent from which you have surfaced feeling a bit shaky and alone. You forget where you came from in this moment but within yourself you find remnants remain of that which you left behind. Your true Divinity flowers then from within, bursting from your heart space and opening up your human eyes to things which had previously been hidden from view. This is the unfolding of You; the taking of your rightful place in this Earthly life. You have been waiting for so long for this moment and it is now yours in all its glory. Awaken and rise up to take on this mission you have come to fulfill. It is a beautiful unfolding and we are pleased you have made it this far. We will wait for your next momentous leap, not far in the future. Until then, practice walking on your new shaky legs. Gain your footing and your stability. Move into wholeness and throw off uncertainty of purpose and any lack that remains from the fears that have been following you throughout this lifetime. It is you, all of it, but some of it need not be a hindrance. Toss it off and carry only what you need for this work is hard and tedious and thankless. We are grateful to have you in service again. Pleased are we that have supported you in this endeavor. Much love and togetherness is felt with each new step you take in the direction of the Light. Thank you. Bless you. Be You.

It is with a full heart that I typed this message from my Council. I do not fully understand it but I am beginning to feel different for lack of a better word. These last few days I have been wrought with such grief and confusion. There has been an intense struggle within going on. There are no words with which to try and describe it. No sense can be made of it. It is like a part of me put up a fight and lost. I know I am far from “there” yet, but there is a peace in knowing that I am past the point of no return.

I recognize now that I am integrating the Old more and more every day. I see her differently. I am not her anymore. She is something I created to withstand the hurt and pain of life here on Earth. She is the forgotten me, the me I left here while I focused on other things. I feel sympathy for her. I love her but she needs to find peace now. There is nothing so difficult as to welcome back a piece of yourself that you left behind. There is no memory in this other part. She Forgot so much and it is painful for her to Remember. So also is it painful for me.

What an odd feeling. I wish I could relate it better. Sorry.


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