My Soul Family

I finished this painting today. It is called “As above, So below”. It is of a vision I had a while back of a tree with two tops and no roots. The top is the spiritual aspect and the bottom is the physical.

I just remembered a conversation I had with my Companion last night. I somehow lost it by the time I awoke but it came back to me this afternoon.

In my mind I saw a picture a tree and saw two branches. I heard my Companion say to me, “You are one branch, I am another”.

In recognizing I was conversing with him, I then recalled what we were discussing and knew he was explaining his relationship to me. It was interesting to me that I had been having this conversation but only was remembering this part. I had asked him to explain how we were “family” only a couple of days ago. He had said, “We will talk”. I never expected to actually remember the talk. 🙂

I understood very clearly then our relationship, though it is hard to explain now as words don’t seem to do it justice. What it felt like was that we were off-shoots of a larger energy, we and many others. In my mind I saw a very large tree, spreading its branches upward and each of those branches was another of us and each of us broke into ever smaller versions of us. To put it simply, he and I were siblings. Now it made sense why he has said more than once, “We are brothers”.

While caught up in my trying to sort through this information, I saw very clearly in my mind a class picture like is often taken in school to capture each class before they move on to the next grade level. It appeared to be a large class, bigger than my high school graduating class. I wondered how many were there. I heard, “215”.

I then wondered back in a question, “But shouldn’t it be in multiples of 12?” This idea came from previous research I had done into spiritual monads.

I received back, “Who decided that?”

My thought was then, “Guess not. 215 sounds good”.

That’s a big family, though. Much bigger than I thought it would be. I suppose that is because I usually only interact with a small group via this consciousness extension.


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