More Changes Coming

Something shifted between yesterday evening when I had the strange life review and this morning. There comes with this shift a strange feeling I can’t describe.

I am beginning to zone out again. So far it is not inhibiting my ability to write in my blog, but I suspect this will be coming based upon the odd sensations around my head at this moment. My eyes want to spontaneously close and I feel a strange tiredness. There will likely be a channeling coming soon. I can sense the communication channels are about to open.

My heart chakra is also very active again. It began last night during my review. The sensation came most intensely in my back and shot through to the front. It felt warm and comforting. Simultaneously, my second chakra became warm and tingly. It felt as if my uterus was receiving intense healing. The more emotion I felt at the memories, the more intense the energy in my chakras.

Currently, the heart sensation is extending to my third chakra and there is a sense of anticipation. I feel like a budding flower, ready to open and expand into its brilliance.

I am reminded now of something my guide told me not long ago about this process. He said, “It will be beautiful”.


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