Manifesting Frequencies Approaching – Message from the High Council

The time is near for a new type of frequency to infiltrate Earth. In this frequency is held the key to activating certain aspects of Starseed DNA. In particular, those who both have already responded to activation and have knowledge of their origins will have already felt the first tendrils of this new frequency as it approaches their energy field. Even those who have not and do not remember their origins yet will sense it, though with much less intensity.

It is such that those who respond to this particular wave of intense light energy will recognize their magnificent ability to manifest here in the physical. In fact, it is something they have been working on during dreamtime for some time. Again, many will not remember their dream excursions, but there are some who do and thus this period of finally being able to put their many years of practice into action will bring joy into their hearts.

It has yet to be provided to you the exact extent of your Earth plans, but please know that this is purposeful. We have yet to lift the veil in this department as there are still remnants of the Old, of the Ego Self and the human identity, which could interfere if such information is too hastily given. Similarly, the Earth itself has not yet reached this stage as of yet.  Too much of the old still clings desperately to what it has left. Thus, you will find yourself once again questioning the changes you encounter in yourself. Were you thus capable before these energies? Or is this some kind of gift entrusted to you? It is in fact both and there is so much more that you have within you that you have yet to realize. It is with great pleasure that we embark upon this chapter in your life with you as we have been given the role of gatekeeper for you and yours. You hold the key within you to unlock your forgotten potential.

Expect to see things change swiftly for you. Specifically, those things in which you have held yourself back or have felt the time is not quite right will begin to unfold without effort. You may wonder if you have stumbled upon great luck, when in actuality you have simply manifested your reality. If you pay attention to your thoughts and observe your heart you will find that it is the fading of your doubts and the significant increase in your certainty that has suddenly propelled your life in a new direction.

There is a specific feeling that accompanies this manifesting ability of yours. You could not perceive it in the past as it was hidden by the mind and the anxious energy that accompanied its frantic thoughts and preoccupations. When you feel it, you Know and right at that moment, it Is. You can feel the resistance that was once there fall away and all possibility spread out before you.

You are a great manifestor.


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