OBE: Practicing Multidimensionality

After the weird sleep paralysis episode and then being engaged in a lesson about confronting death, I went OOB three times.

Two Short Projections

I found myself in a semi-lucid dream in which I was watching a town full of people who had gone crazy. They were all starting fires within their community and nothing seemed to break them from the trance they were in.

I then shifted into a room and which I was talking to a massive Great Dane. He was as tall as me but I was a dwarf and male. We were discussing the issues of the world, specifically a war and the devastating results of it. We eventually decided that we needed to change bodies. I went into his and he into mine. He then took a large carpet and wrapped me inside of it. At this point I remember trying to figure out who I was. Was I the dog or the man?

This is when I became aware of the vibrations which were intense. My body felt to be jumping and I wondered briefly if I were really awake.

I decided to sit up and get out of my body. When I did, I worried I would sit up physically and stop the projection. It felt so real!

Thankfully, I was able to get up and I went out of the bedroom. I immediately began to chant, “OM”. Unfortunately, it did not have the affect I wanted and I was pulled unevenly back into my body.

Upon re-entry I heard my guide say, “Not now” in reference to me wanting to go back to the place where I had met up with my Team the last time I projected. I understood why. We were practicing something, but I could not remember what.

Not long afterward, I projected again, sitting up out of my body like I did before. This time I did not chant but thought that I wanted to go to a higher level than I had previously been on. I ended up walking on soft grass. Unfortunately, my vision was inhibited but it did slowly begin to clear and I could make out a tall tree in the center of the grass field I was in. I touched it and said aloud, “Ok, what did you want to tell me?”

I got no response and my vision quickly faded out.

Practicing Multidimensionality

When I came back to my body I once again felt the weird shaking vibrations. This time I could also distinctly feel energy spots on my body and there was a sense that I was being adjusted and worked upon.

I projected quite easily after that, just popping out of my body and moving directly out of my bedroom to the area just above the stairs. I couldn’t see again but wanted to float down to the first floor. I jumped up and looked over the side and for a moment thought, “I will fall”. There was a thought in response that said, “But I can fly”.

I successfully floated down and landed in the living area and my vision turned on crisply. I saw my husband and daughter and could also see my youngest. When I saw them, they greeted me. My daughter said, “Mommy!” I said to her, “Want to come with me?” She said, “Yes!”

Eagerly, she ran to the front door and threw it open. She was out of it before I could catch up.

I went outside and it was a brilliant day with bright blue skies, puffy clouds and vividly green trees. It resembled very much our neighborhood. Oddly, it was horribly windy, so much so that the wind hit us with tons of resistance making it hard to stay stable.

My husband came out behind me and I watched as my daughter propelled herself into the air and reached her hand out to me. I jumped up, flying toward her, and grabbed her hand. I looked back and my husband was heading the opposite direction on foot. He left the door open and I almost said to him, “Shut the door, Elek will get out” and then I remembered, “Even if he does, it won’t matter, he can’t get hurt here”.

I continued on with my daughter and we flew up above the treetops. I felt a tugging on my other arm and looked back. There she was pulling me the other way. There were two of her! I laughed and pulled the other her along with us as we soared down the streets.

The wind was still blowing fiercely and there was a thought that came with my inspection of it, “It is your body. You are sensing the vibrations”. And I knew suddenly that I was both experiencing this astral experience while also experiencing what my body was experiencing. I was in two places at once.

I then saw a woman place something on her front door step and shut the door. Curious, I began to move toward the house but felt, “No”. I ignored it, though, and kept going to the door. My vision darkened and I was back in my body which was shifting violently with vibrations. If I had not known what the vibrations were I would have thought I was having a seizure.

After this projection I heard my guide say, “You should get up now and write this down”. I didn’t though. I lay there for some time enjoying the energy blanket, surprised that I was able to remember everything that happened.


5 thoughts on “OBE: Practicing Multidimensionality

  1. Prasad Maitra says:

    I would like to know sleep paralysed is a cruelity of demons or human being


    • daynaspirit says:

      I don’t think it is demonic at all. It seems to be related to one’s fear.


      • Prasad Maitra says:

        But biblical verses clearly indicates demons possession along with a unknown fear develops during sleep paralysed. I’m a practical seeker of spirituality.


      • daynaspirit says:

        I’m not familiar with those verses but I do know I am not nor have I been possessed. My own truth is what leads me in this knowingness.


      • Prasad Maitra says:

        Actually its lot to do with chakras. Being born in Hindu family I grew up learning yoga & meditation. Thus there are seven vital chakras in our body which nourishes & enhance our being on daily basis. I mean every cause in life happens with the slightest movement in chakras in subtle level. I hope I made u understood.


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