First Ever Sleep Paralysis Experience

Sometime in the middle of the night, I became acutely aware of a presence in my room. It felt huge and loomed in the corner near the window. I didn’t really care that it was there at first, until the weird noises and odd energy sensations began.

I was awake but drowsy and so when I heard the noise, a loud, “Bang!”, on the window seeming to come from the outside rather than the inside, I didn’t really startle. Yet the noise was loud enough to cause me concern and I began to think there must be a Spirit playing jokes on me. Spirits like that were usually of the Earthbound sort and I didn’t want to deal with any of that. So, I decided to surround myself in white light and ask for protection.

I started to drift off and then felt this huge push of energy from my right. It was so powerful that I felt my body shift and I worried I would fall off the bed. Again, I didn’t really startle, just wondered, “What was that?”

I must not really have been that worried about all of the weird things going on because I again began to fall asleep. This time, the energy came from above my head. It felt like a huge, mass of something and it literally shoved my entire body several inches down toward the foot of the bed. This did startle me. What the hell?

I again began to ask for protection and searched the room mentally for the perpetrator. I saw/sensed no one.

My lower body felt weird. My legs felt three times their size and my torso was dead feeling, almost numb. My upper body was not so bad, but I felt stuck in the position I was in, laying on my back with one arm over my head.

It was while I was noticing how my body felt that I heard someone say something. It was a effeminate voice and it said, “Her tissues are ready for insertion”. This really concerned me and I wondered, “Is it E.T.s doing this? Am I being abducted? Are they “working” on me?” I felt very uneasy about this, yet at the same time I felt safe.

Before I could panic a thought entered my mind, “This is sleep paralysis”.

Sudden clarity hit me. Oh, so this is what sleep paralysis feels like?

Part of me didn’t believe it but all the symptoms fit. I never have had any concern about sleep paralysis and even upon the recognition that I was experiencing it right then, I didn’t. I was a bit worried still about this presence but eventually just moved my arm and rolled over.

My guide said to me then, “You will project”. I didn’t care one way or the other. I was still a bit concerned that I had been pushed down my bed. In actuality, it was my astral body that was pushed, not me, but it sure felt real!

I ended up projecting three times after that.


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