Embracing Multiplicity – Message from the Council of Many

Your matriculation is immanent. There are new energies brewing; rising to the surface of your consciousness, ready to implore you to move once again forward toward the culmination of your mission, your project here in this incarnation. We applaud your progress, your persistence despite the weariness that has presently settled over you. This weariness is the eroding away of the last remnants of that which has held you back and prevented your escape from this systemic illusion you have been caught in for many countless Earth lifetimes.

The layers of the onion of illusion that has surrounded you and degraded your energy bodies has been peeled back enough now that you are beginning to see your Truth. You have but to just reach out and touch it to know it and it is this Knowing that assists you in further peeling away the layers that still remain. You are a multidimensional being; you exist beyond this illusion you have created. In your reaching out to touch your Truth will you find the other You’s, your multiplicities. It is herein that the real adventures await you.

As your weariness leaves you, there will be new energy. You can sense it now, can’t you? It is slowly building and soon will embrace you in its omniscience. When this overwhelming Knowingness, this great power from within, begins to rise, we ask that you resist the urge to allow yourself to be overwhelmed or overzealous as either of these may occur if the mind is allowed too much involvement in the unveiling process. Too much emotion, too much rejoicing, will overshadow the reverberation of this omniscience throughout every layer of your being. Remain detached. Remain calm. Be the moment. Be the process. This is what you have been waiting for.


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