The Process Continues

From the perspective of the Old.

I awoke at 5a.m. The other me, the New me, said upon waking, “The process continues”. As it appeared to be me saying this, I quickly gained full awareness.

I did not feel like myself. In fact, I felt strangely disconnected from my body and this life. I scrambled to remember the dream I had just been having, or rather observing, as I vaguely recall observing the New me receiving instruction on how to transfer into this body. I also recall receiving instructions on how to leave the body and know I had been practicing this before waking.

Try as I might, I couldn’t find the specifics of my dream in my memory. It seemed to be retreating quickly into my subconscious. I felt like it was being purposefully hidden from me and objected to this.

I wanted to panic but there was a descending calm that came over me and a knowing that what I had heard was truth – the energy swap process was continuing. I was instructed to focus on my heart center and when I did the feeling of calm expanded and I felt oddly connected to the other me. I say “oddly” because this time I struggled to differentiate between the old and the new. The old me felt lost and the new me felt incomplete. What an odd feeling!

I was encouraged to return to sleep and soon found myself in the in-between but very groggy and unable to focus for long. During this time I recall hearing that the 10th was an important date and that there was a total of 6 weeks remaining. There was information about my body rejecting the transfer and the possibility that this would cause discomfort, even illness. There was no concern felt over this information, just a relief that the process was nearing completion.


I cannot help but be reminded of the strange OBE that I had on Easter. This is the exact feeling I awoke with and there came with that feeling an understanding that something similar to that would occur again. Oddly, there was great relief with the thought of it happening again.

I firmly believe that when I exit the body, the New me will come into it. I wonder, will I still be me or will I truly move on to the spiritual, leaving my body and life in the hands of the New me? When I ask myself how I feel about the prospect of the latter, I am not bothered by it and actually am curious and oddly excited for it to happen. It seems wrong at some level, though, like a part of me is rejecting the idea. There is also a desire still to remain in the physical just to “see what happens” but this desire is very child-like, similar to a personality I often take on while OOB. Ultimately, I hope to experience more of what I experienced from the 21st to the 28th of May.


4 thoughts on “The Process Continues

  1. silentwindofchange says:

    My opinion is you are not going anywhere, you are collecting fragments of yourself that were missing.

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  2. soulspeak2013 says:

    I resonate with the process you are experiencing. I believe, in my opinion, that it is the integrating to the whole being you are in truth…pieces coming together for a grander…evolving…blessings as you journey

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  3. daynaspirit says:

    The way you describe it, it sounds amazing and beautiful. Thank you!


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