Energies Wane, Time to Rest: Message from the Council of Many

Rejoice, for you have made it past a huge hurdle and are again embarking upon a period of rest. We are proud of your accomplishments and your successful reset which brings you one step closer to your emergence as a New Light Being.

In these activation periods many will find they are confused or uncertain as to what tasks lie ahead for them. We ask only now that you turn inward, toward your heart, quieting your mind and counting the many blessings you have been besought with. No, there is no bright shining star calling you Home just yet but there is within each of you a piece of Home that you can go to, call to, whenever you need. It is this talent, this gift of yours, that we wish greatly for you to access during these times of major translation of the old into the new.

It is with eagerness that we invite you to continue upon your journey with ever more open eyes and receptive hearts. There is no time like the present in which to do so as the energies are settling and so, in turn, are you. Yes, you will have doubts and questions along the way but with each heart-centered query will you find the direction and purpose which you seek. Your practice has made you much better at distinguishing truth from lie and you will only continue to become better at this.

Remain steadfast dear ones. You are nearly there!

Note: The reset mentioned above has to do with alignment of the energy bodies. I was told mine (physical, mental and emotional) have been aligned allowing access to the spiritual body (activation). However, some of you may not have aligned all of your energy bodies yet. Each activation helps to bring your energy bodies into alignment. How many activations it will take to accomplish this is dependent upon the individual. 

For more information on the energy bodies, this website will be beneficial.


3 thoughts on “Energies Wane, Time to Rest: Message from the Council of Many

  1. marieiotc says:

    thank you


  2. marieiotc says:

    Reblogged this on walkinhumor and commented:
    This message is excellent as it corresponds to the lowering of energy after the height of the Sagittarius Full Moon. Thank you Dayna for writing it with a soothing and peaceful energy.

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